Nov 10, 2011

ED. Note Re: Friendship Quilters quilt show

a few of the quilts shown recently at the Friendship Quilters show. They are in no particular order. I do not always know who made them or the pattern/pattern source either. In some cases I do.

There was a separate room for display of the QOV quilts that are going to the Veteran's Home next year. Apparently not ALL of the ones on hand at the present time though counting the ones that the guilds in BHM have been making there was 62 quilts. Frankly I think we could have only displayed about 4 more maximum anyway and not block the doorways in some manner. One of the girls from the Oxford Lick Skillet guild (who has also been coming to my group in recent months) has made 10 QOV quilts. She was disappointed that none were hanging. One can only hope that that means we AL quilters are going to be able to reach a goal of 230 quilts. ( that is the latest number I heard)

This one I think was Jackie W's---the pattern is a variation of "Just Can't Cut it" done in army colors. Actually I like the pattern better with that addition of the vertical strip.

You know me and 30's fabrics! This is one that belongs to the Carole, one of the past presidents made from that years focus swap fabrics, she said. The block is a little unusual though sort of a variation of a Bright Hopes blocks. Would be a good scrappy block for Belles actually.

This is a QOV made by Terry R. I do know the source of this one----one of the Oxmoor House quilting books and the pattern is "Stars In, Stars Out" I had looked at it and said to myself, gorgeous quilt but I don't think I would be able to give it up after all that work! Soon after, Terry had one made and displayed for show and tell.

Aren't these stocking adorable!? Beth S. made them---Nancy Halvorsen pattern who you know is one of my fav designers. I thought that the Santa one looked similar to one she had drawn up in the Be Attitudes blocks and asked Beth about them . I don't know which book they came from though. Right above that is my friend Aline's redwork and pieced patch quilt. I must not have gotten a picture of the whole thing to show you.

I love the colors in this one. I didn't know the maker and no pattern source was given though I suspect it was foundation pieced.

This one was made by Betty D. and took second place honors. They had a viewers choice and you were to list your first and 2nd choices.

Sorry for cutting half the quilt off on this one. Gary B made this one and I do know him! Machine pieced and partially machine quilted but lovely, lovely well done hand quilting in the background!

And here is one that his lovely wife and fellow Bama Belle Betsy made! Love the fun colors she used and the butterfly borders. Could these two quilts be any more different in styles!

Another one I don't know much about though it is similar to a shadow box type quilt in one of Judy Martin's newer books. I just liked it. Don't know the maker.

And lastly, my friend Jane's sampler quilt. I am not sure but I think that she started these blocks as a block of the month quilt that used Eleanor Burns "Stars Across America" as their source material. She may have added more blocks to make a larger quilt

ED NOTE:  I have just found out that there is a public photo album of all the quilts from the "big room" so you should be able to access the album at this LINK. I assume that they will do the same for the QOV room as well.  The person who posted them did add the piecemaker's name so I can ID that part now as well as the quilt name if not the pattern.

There is nothing creative is going on here. I have neither the energy or the inclination at the moment. The sore throat that cropped up Sunday afternoon blossomed in a full blown cold/croupy couch etc by Monday afternoon. I finished quilting up the donation BQ2 top I had half done Monday afternoon but that was pushing it. I was in bed by 6 p.m. and had a very restless night. Come Tuesday, not much improvement. Feeling miserable and not wanting to share this with the girls, I delivered the stuff I needed to deliver to Bama Belles and then came home. Back to the jammies and back to bed. I am feeling a little better, but at times my throat feels like I have been eating broken glass. With medication it improves a bit, so I can eat and push fluids. Hot sips of honey lemon water are soothing too. In other words, I think I'll make it even if I am still a little puny, LOL. I used to get 3 and 4 bouts of this a year so once a year is nothing.

DJ's eye doctor is pleased with how he is recovering from his eye surgeries.20/20 in both eyes now and together, 20/15. He still wears readers for closeup but it has made TV viewing much better. Still restricted on some of his activities for 3 more wks. I, of course, still have to nag him as he is really pushing his limitations. No bending means no bending! It is not a quantative thing like "I only bent a little" GRRRRRR. We are dropping down from 17 drops/day to 12 but we don't stop any of them until the 8th of December, tapering off the dosage.

Other than that, not too much else to report------hope all is well at YOUR place and thanks for dropping by

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