Nov 21, 2011

Not a design wall but about a quilt

Normally this would be a Design Wall Monday post. My Autumn In Seasons wall hanging is up there---and you just saw it although perhaps without its border. I also showed you my very recent finish on the Joined at the Hip Merry Christmas tree.

I did NOTHING on my creative to do list from yesterday. Instead I traded one machine for another---computer for the sewing machine or hand work. I took a note out my pal Norma's book and added tabbed pages to my blog for 2011 finishes, 2011 flimsies and 2008-2010 quilt files. The captions and quilt descriptions were a bit time consuming and I just gave up on the old files, LOL.  I figure you don't really want to see all the pro bono quilts from 1999-2007 if indeed, I could even find the files since the computer crashed along about 08.

So what am I going to blog about today?   Well, I would like to follow up on a post from back in September found HERE.   I had been to a sew-in date with the Friendship Quilters group in Pell City.  Betsy, Jane, Aline and I went from Calhoun County.     I was sewing so I picked a spot at a table with a lady named Mary.  I will include a portion of the note I had posted as background and it will explain what you are looking at here.

"Recently I had sent a good sized box of abandoned blocks to a guild member in response to a need for quilts in the Shoal Creek area of Alabama where there was significant tornado damage this spring. The lady I sent them to was my table mate today---in fact, Mary was quilting on her half of the table one.that will go to a young person."

"Mary pointed out a member of her small quilt group who had put a good many of those abandoned blocks into a top at the sew-in. She was preparing to put on the outer border when I arrived. The woman wondered if I had any information about who made the blocks. She knew she or her sister had made some of them. (  See the amended note below) I could point out the ones my mom or I had made fairly easily. ...............I went off without my camera--dang it! I'll ask Mary to have the other gal take a picture of it if she can. It made a pretty quilt for someone and will find a good use NOT hiding in my closet waiting for a "some day" to come along. "

I know now that the woman who was putting the quilt together is named Jill.  She joined the Friendship Quilters after the sew-in---or at least that is my understanding.  I asked her at the last meeting if she had any pictures of the quilt . Jill obliged by emailing them to me. and  The two previous shots showed some of the closeups. At left is the long range view.

I can identify that some of these are some from my mom and others are from me.  I thought a few might be Aline's but they were hand pieced and she would have used the machine-------

  • Top row last block--me or mom.  Here and There is an usual pattern and we both have made quilts using that block.  
  •  2nd row, 1st block was my mom's and the 4th one, mine.  
  • 3rd row, 1st block mom and the 5th one a duplicate from Betsy B--the last one might be mom's as well.  
  • 4th row,  4th one is mom's and the 5th  one is mine (old Pell City BOM) and the 6th one is mom's. 
  •  5th row, 1st one is mine (I think, LOL) while the 3rd is one of  mom's, 5th one mom's (or mine) 
  •  6th row, 5th block is mom's and the 6th is mine.  
  • Last row, 3rd and 6th are mine--and the other butterfly is mom's.   

AMENDED NOTE:  Jill has told me that some of the random blocks in the quilt were made by quilters from t he Northwest Quilters Guild of Portland, Oregon and her sister Becky Ray.  

BUT regardless of who made what didn't it make a wonderful quilt for someone?  Again, I am glad that they found a  use for them as they were not going anywhere tucked away in my closet.

Jill announced at our last meeting that there had been an article in the St. Clair County (AL) paper about this.  Their small group had given 70 quilts to the County Baptist Association for the relief efforts.  The quilts went to people in the Shoal Creek area that was hit so hard (with fatalities) and in the Ragland area as well.  Jill, if you are reading this please tell me if I have not gotten the story straight in some manner.  You guys might take my upcoming office as secretary away if I can't keep my facts in order!!  This last picture is one that Beth took and included in the Friendship Quilter album when Jill (L), Mary (R) and I were consulting.  I "borrowed" it complete my story.

It has gotten too warm again and overnight lows just in the 50's.  We may well be in for storms again tomorrow, like last week.  This is the secondary tornado season in Dixie Alley so anything is possible.

Thanks for stopping by and letting me tell you as Paul Harvey would say "the rest of the story."

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