Dec 26, 2012

After Christmas check-in

I trust that you had a wonderful holidays whether spending it quietly like DJ and I or with a houseful of family or friends that are like family.

DJ and I are in the habit of watching a holiday movie on Christmas Eve and then exchanging gifts or whatever we had stuck in our stockings. Here is how I spent my time during the movie----mouths on the snowmen row.  I drew them on free hand so they are all a little different.  I also put a little embellishment on the noses to make it look more carrot-like.  The eyes will be buttons but I think they need a little something on the hat bands----like holly leaves or snowflakes?  I should look for some findings or buttons that will work.

I realize too that I should have gotten that Halloween piece button hole applique by now but yet it is still hanging, waiting for me, like I don't know what time of year it is! 

DJ had handed me the credit card a week or two ago so I could order my own gifts online, sort of a spend down plan.  I have been knitting so much lately and am currently looking to get my existing knitting materials better organized.  To that end, I had found out that Denise Interchangeable needles sells empty cases so you can store your extra needles and some sizes of the cable lengths you have gotten over the years.   I ordered that along with the extra long cables that would be needed for using the Magic Loop method of circular knitting.  To help with the knitting technique improvement plan, I order a book on the subject Circular Knitting Workshop by Margaret Ratcliffe.  The existing reference book in my library barely even mentions circular knitting or knitting in the round---one page maybe so I thought it might give a bit more detail.  And it does, LOL.  When I have more time to study it I will work through the suggestions.  I am also looking for a free pattern to organize the double point needle set in a needle roll up thing---know if any good sites?

Because I know what is in the packages, DJ tries to get a little something just so I can unwrap a gift.  This years selection was two cans of whole cashews (he knows I'll share and he likes cashews better than peanuts, any day)  and a magnifying glass.  I had asked if he had one recently as I had lost the one I had.  Actually I had his dad's old one that had a battery operated light in it.  These old eyes--and well, those cataracts that I have to get fixed in the New Year too.  Well, I have one now!  It is the little things that trip the trigger.

I had gotten him a big bag of peanut M & Ms (my favorite, LOL) and a bag of Hershey's Kisses with a note to give them back to the cook when he was ready for me to make him some Peanut Butter Blossom cookies, LOL.    I was happy though that he had finally found himself a cordless drill at a great price and bought it for himself.   The one I had and he used a good bit of the time was no longer working----a long ago birthday gift he had given me.  I kept insisting that he needed to find something HE wanted and I could use his.  Between that and the cookies I baked him the other day, he is a happy boy.

Then the weirdest thing happened last night as we were eating supper.  A knock on the door and our crazy neighbor girl (probably in her 30's???) was standing there asking to talk to me.  She said her sister's boyfriend was in trouble and they needed to raise some money (for bail?).  She had a brand new set of pans she would sell me for 25 bucks that had cost her sister $100.   She knew I cook quite a bit so maybe I would have use for them.   I wondered if it was her Christmas present.  I am not saying that I believe her story, nor does DJ.  I also know that she tried to sell her TV that actually belonged to her mother.  Mom had a fit and made the people bring it back.  The reason we know this is the parents asked us if we had seen who had carried it out of the house. 

Well, I asked to see them first so she hauled the unopened box over to our house.  My pans are not in great
shape, they are Club Aluminum's I have had for 25 years, maybe?.  One has a handle that will not stay on, one saucepan was tossed when I ruined it and a couple t-fal frying pans don't looks so hot either.  Can't argue with the price--a whole set with lids for 25 bucks? . I had some Christmas cash and paid for them.   I looked online today and Amazon said list price was 200 bucks and this even has an extra frying pan--they were selling them for $135. 

So for now they are mine---unless her mom comes looking for them too, LOL.   DJ said to hang on to my old ones for about a month before I discard,  take to a donation box or take to a thrift store.  I've not used them yet, not with leftover Christmas dinner to consume.   We ran them what we could fit in the dishwasher  last night and finished the job this morning with room in the cupboards with the old stuff out of there.

Just a strange story, I know.

We had thunderstorms yesterday and even an EF 2 tornado down in Mobile.  I had told DJ that we probably better plan on having our holiday meal at mid-day as we know the storm risk was coming in the afternoon and evening and we could lose power.    We did too around 4 for about an hour to hour and half.  By the time I had drug out all the candles to light up the decreasing daylight it came back on---in time to heat up supper leftovers.  All in all here it was t-storms, no hail that I know of, some gusty winds--about 1 1/2 inches or rain. Skyler was more than nervous about that spending a big chunk of time under the bed yesterday.

I started another hat and am about 2 inches away from the top shaping.  Also get a load of that other skein of yarn.  This one is bright primaries called "Mexicana"---should be good for a boy even if the Grape Fizz screams girl to me.

Other than that I was editing labels on the guild's newest photo site to help our group's historian.  We have a Facebook page but everyone that prefers not be on FB never gets to see them.  Beth has all the photos for 2012 uploaded---all 600 of them so between the FB albums and my own secretarial notes I have access to the show and tell notes if not the sew-in materials.  I quit today at photo 235 and just before the Christmas in July sew-in.  We had been working together on this all year anyway-----I'm the secretary so take those notes and she is busy snapping the pictures and doesn't have time always remember the details I record.   I always send her a list ahead of the minutes that she can copy/paste the info to the pictures.  Seems to be working out for both of us.

No sewing of late----though I was playing with the old Singer yesterday to see if I could get any of my walking feet to work on it.  I found that the Jem walking foot would work.  Oh and that was about the time that the electricity went off too.  Once it came back on  I was trying to figure out how the cam discs worked and the machine came to a screeching halt.   I still don't know how the feather stitch looks on it!!  A belt or the clutch went out????  Yeah, right after I had wound about 20 bobbins too.   There is a guy that works on mechanical machines about 20 some miles from here but do I really need the machine to be fixed when I have others?  It does sew well though.

I ordered a walking foot that will go on the Kenmore electronic from sears parts online using the rest of my Christmas funds so that will be coming soon enough.   I had researched all that after the previous owner said she could not locate the walking foot that came with it---this is the one I won in the guild raffle table for 3 or 4 bucks several months ago.  I have not really played with it much but it has some nice embroidery stitches too, but no cams.

Maybe sew tomorrow a bit----tree skirt sections ideas to address, after all.  That's all I know for now-----



  1. I am so glad that the tornado part of that storm missed you and DJ! I can't imagine being on tornado watch on Christmas Day.

    It sounds like you were able to stretch your Christmas money quite far. Those pots and pans are a definite bonus!

    I love the look of the snowmen row. I agree with you, a little something on the hats would really set them off.

  2. WOW, the posts and pans are a steal ....... I just hope it is not stolen merchandise. Enjoy using them !!


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