Dec 7, 2012

Thinking Christmas

 Well, that 12.5 total yards of Christmas themed stuff that I want to use in the tree skirt is all washed and pressed.  Stacked and ready to go when I am ready to get started on the sewing.  I may start cutting later today or at least see what I have in the way of interfacing or flat batting.  My cursory reading of the pattern said to baste the backing and the batting together----I think.  Even something that I swapped with bloggy buddy alefthanded quilter may work---see down at the end of the POST.

Last evening I was also sorting through some things I had set aside from my pal Cher.  There were some nice Christmas backgrounds (and even some Halloween/fall prints for the row quilt I am doing) . Add those to the mix for another holiday project though.  I had another stack already pulled for an alternate tree skirt idea but the goofy instructions were off putting.  It came kitted up from an old BHG kit but it also had a nice holiday throw on the same pattern.  I know I have raided that stack over the years!

Really I am still getting myself sort of organized.  The big switcheroo.  I pulled out the Christmas tub of fabrics from under the sewing table.  I pulled some containers out of the bedroom closet to fill the spot under the table.  Then the FWIS sampler containers atop the armoire went into the closet to take its place.  I won't get back to that project for a couple months, I'm thinking.   The tub sits out till I decide I am done with it.

I seriously could use another snap lock container for some of this as I have a couple of groupings that are set aside for future projects that should not be raided!  Like this old UFO from back in maybe late 92-93??  There are others.

I think I was considering doing these little blocks for TWO miniature quilts, one for a secret pal and one for me.  There is a pile of flying geese units that I did not lay out.  I am to make a miniature quilt for Friendship Quilters as they are doing a mini quilt auction so it is possible that I have a head start with this stuff.  The piecing is not too bad---well, with the possible exception of those pinwheels.  Those are never my favorite block to start with even larger sized but I believe that I can do better with the advent of thangles.  The quilt that this makes is on the top row to the left.

I scanned and cropped it from the cover so perhaps you could see it a little better.  You can see it much better in a thumbnail view---larger just makes it look fuzzy.  I cannot believe that the maker actually mitered the borders on the quilt!   It is called "Christmas in the Country"  copyright 1989 by Pat Weir-Smith.  Finished size 12 1/2 x 15 1/2.  Miniature Quilts, winter 1992, Issue 8, pg. 18-19. 

 I will hang on to this copy along with a few others that I have saved out from that big pile of the magazines I showed you HERE.    I am passing the bulk of them on to someone who will appreciate them more than I will.   Some are currently out on loan to some of the gals at the November sew-in.  I'll look through those as they come in but chances are, they are going to Donna in the end.  

If I do not use the elements for the quilt as shown, then I am inclined to see if they will work into the Modified Oxmoor House quilt that I am really intending to complete in this next month or so.  Quit dreaming and do it!    The stars, houses and tree blocks all finish at 3 inch and I have 3 inch place holder sections.  Some 4 inch spots too. 

With all this mulling things over I am not getting anything concrete done but hey, that is how I operate sometimes.  Meanwhile I STILL have a peanut butter sheet cake to bake, want to run down the road to get a BOGO cup of coffee and hey, still not showered and dressed.  That's how I roll, LOL.  It gets done eventually.   As of last night about 10 p.m. one hat is almost done but I need to move on to the video about knitting with two circulars next.  Before that I  managed to get another month of archived posts pictures re-sized and

                                              You are currently using 699 MB (68.3%) of your 1024 MB. 

..........and I can say, take that Picassa!  It takes a little time but well worth it in the long run.  Off to do something about the shower, LOL.

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  1. So make one mini for the auction and use the second set in the Modified Oxmoor House quilt - you know you want to - ;))

    And next year you can start working on your Christmas stuff in Sept with the "other" Linda and me - and be a little ahead of the game.

    Picasa is giving you more room to play - that's good - ;))


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