Dec 31, 2012

no sewing but that's okay

I put my Patience Corner tree skirt plan into action and have the materials all cut out for the 49-8 inch blocks for the plan.  All 196 pieces for each block component.  Sewing did not ensue once I got that done, however.

What I did do was the grocery errands, planning out the menu or meal ideas though that is often subject to change.  I also switched out the Christmas wall hangings for the snow themed items and put the ceramic Christmas tree and nativity set up for the year.  So far Ms. Mousie is staying out for Skyler as every time he sees me pick her up to stash her in the closet, he wants to play.  DJ said to leave it out a few more days, LOL.

Today apparently ended up being my day to spend time in the kitchen.  I wanted to make some carrot raisin salad with a cooked dressing (though I used craisins instead) for our holiday meal and cream of coconut cake, just to make the New Year's meal a little special.  Since I was also using leftovers from the freezer I pulled the rest of the pumpkin from the Christmas pumpkin pie to make a loaf of the Copycat Starbuck's Pumpkin Bread and made that too though the end product was flash frozen for DJ and I to have for coffee break time.  Well, we sampled a piece for uh, quality control purposes though.  I told DJ that the freezer looked a little bare without all those containers in there.  A few items are thawing out for use this week and a couple other were used today.  Who felt like cooking a meal after all the baking etc?  Hooray for leftovers!

I did do a little embroidery on the Witches Hooray runner that I will use as a row in my Halloween project but mostly I have been knitting.  This latest skein almost glows in the dark----Red Heart Super Saver "Mexicana".  I have two more rolled brim hats done with that grape fizz color I liked but I hope that this one is more unisex especially since it is the basic watch cap style too.  I'll probably do two alike though I think the second one I'll do on one size smaller needles 7 and 9's instead of 8's and 10's.

Tomorrow I will definitely sew and on a pro bono project.  I have been making quilts for Wrap Them In Love since the fall of 1999 or about 9 months after I got my first computer.  It has long been a standing tradition for us to sew for Wrap 'Em on New Year's Day for as the saying goes "what you do on NYD, you will do all year long."  Some years I did a little personal stuff and a little pro bono for a little more balance in my life.

So I pulled out Criss Cross that I had last worked on back in November to get it moved along a bit more.  It was supposed to be a Fun and Done! from Prairie Sky Quilting but I decided to do it conventionally after trying a few blocks.  I'll be happier with the piecing if I foundation piece it.  I have 3 blocks done at this point, meaning 12 quarter blocks.  The whole quilt will take 48 quarters or 6 sections by 8 sections.   Or I think that is where I left off anyway.  Find out soon enough!

Happy New Year to you all----may 2013 bring you health and happiness.

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