Jan 3, 2013

Thursday check-in

When I left off on New Year's Day, I talked about the old quilt list adage about what you do on NYD, you will do all year long.  I am striving for a balance in the aspects of my creative life so I did a little bit of everything.

So I knit----and did a little bit on hat number #2 out of this Mexicana yarn.

I finished all but the gathering yesterday on a run over to Springville with Aline and Jane to deliver a couple quilts to one of the gals from Friendship Quilters that does long arm quilting.  It looked like I had a bit more yarn leftover than usual (change in the needle size) so I started hat #3 casting on as we were about home.  I posed the question on FB about  how far I might get that ball I rolled up.  A pal offered to send me some of her leftover yarn the same color if I didn't have enough to finish the job.  But it's done too, LOL.  Started another more girlie looking one.

Tuesday also found me putting a few more stitches in "Witches Hooray" from Bird Brain Designs.  This is supposed to be a table runner but I am going to use it in my Halloween row quilt. 

Then I pulled out the hand quilting----this design is also from Bird Brain Designs called "Here Comes Santa".  I love hand quilting and I don't know why I don't make more of a point to do it especially since I would love this to be hung above my bed next Christmas.  It would make a nice quilt show entry as well.  My plan is to hand quilt on Sunday afternoons-----then I will be able to put a little time in towards getting this done and have a more laid back day.  Maybe work on my embroidery on Saturdays.  Unless I am on some sort of deadline or push on a sewing project I think I can make that happen.

Next up was a few blocks of the re-sized Patience Corner blocks that I am going to use for Allison's tree skirt.  I KNOW for sure now that I am on the right track and she saw the pic I posted on facebook---and loves it.  That blend of traditional and non-traditional holiday colors will be fine. 

Finally I got another block of the Criss Cross quilt foundation pieced.   That one with the red half square triangles in the middle and started sashing some of the blocks.  Today I got the top row joined and that lonely block in the 2nd row.   I was trying to get a picture taken so I can post it to the Wrap Them yahoo group or point them over here.  BUT look who had to come in and see what was going on!  When I pulled out the camera he was sitting in the upper left corner but then decided to try crawling under it.  The colors are way off---that brown is more a milk chocolate color and the greens are brighter. 

So here is the official shot once he decided he was tired of that, LOL.   I am going to foundation piece and sash two more blocks to get this to the half done point and then put it up and get back to the Christmas tree skirt(s).  I can work on this at the Belles' meeting next week if I want to haul my machine.   Ignore the filthy floor!  You know what a mess it is pulling paper when you foundation piece even though the newsprint sheets from Dick Blick come out pretty easily.  ( Get it by the ream, 8 1/2 x 11 sheets that I can put through the printer and use my EQ project files.)

And sew it goes----just like that it is time to go fix supper. 


  1. Hey Linda,
    I love visiting your sewing room and seeing all your great projects.
    The Bird Brain patterns are some of my favorites too.
    I wish I lived closer so that I could sew and visit with you.
    Love maggie

  2. I love your redwork quilt :-)


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