Jan 20, 2013

It's All About Me......let me explain

If you are looking at my blog on site versus a feed reader, you might be noticing the new button up there on the right.

I was just informed that I can participate in the "It's All About Me" blog hop sponsored by Madam Samm at Sew We Quilt and helped by cheerleader Marlene who blogs at StitchinByTheLake.   They were full with sign ups but added two more days.  My friend Cher got one of them and I think I may have gotten the last one.  I figured no harm in asking, right?  If they had takers for the last two spots, then I should have found about it sooner.  I understand about being a "Johnny Come Lately to the party" , LOL  They said yes though.

It looks like they are gearing up for a heart themed blog hop here soon---that should be a fun one to follow around and see how others interpret the pattern or theme!!  I know the stacked bowls one was interesting and a local guild friend participated with that one.

What we will be working on and hopping from blog to blog from February 19th to February 28th will be an applique pattern designed specifically for the group by THE Amy Bradley. Marlene's post will describe what we are doing far better than I will be able to do.  Cher said she already had some ideas and I'll start once I get more info from Madam Samm.

As an aside, I love Amy Bradley's applique designs having made both Kitty City and all the blocks for "Dazzling Dogs".  My completed Dazzling Dog examples HEREHERE, one HERE  (below the embroidery---keep scrolling, LOL).  I haven't unearthed them all but you get the idea anyway!!  They need to be in a quilt---all 12 of them. This are a 2007 project after all and it is just too cute not to finish up.I also have plans to do her "Seasonal Quilter" designs which are in my pattern library if I ever decide that I am done making Button Ups, LOL.  (Three more in the works!)  Oh ......and I have all the fabrics to make her Quilt Diva that is buried in the pizza box kit pile.  I would love that on my sewing room door!  Then there are the 3 Happy Halloween pieces I made from a Bradley pattern in Quilter's World magazine in October 2003---one for Norma, one for Pat and one for me!  Okay, I think you understand that I adore Amy's designs almost as much as I adore Terry Atkinson's designs.  I am a fan!

I'll wait for further instructions of what I need to do and also, just what I got myself into here.  In the meantime I am going to crawl under the sewing machine table, plug in the machine, attempt to thread it and see how sewing goes with a lopsided visual field.   First time in weeks!  I did some hand embroidery yesterday and of course more knitting but I'm ready to take the plunge.  LOL

And sew it goes---------


  1. It sounds like a fun blog hop--especially being that you are a big fan of Amy Bradley!

    Best of luck with the sewing today. I hope the difference in vision between the two eyes does drive you too crazy!

  2. checking in finally to say..I picked up my steam a seam and decided on a few details..great post! and how did that sewing machine stitching go???


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