Jan 5, 2013

Saturday sewing

A little more progress had been made on the Criss Cross quilt.  The two block components I wanted to add to get to the half way point were pieced with just sashing bits to go. 

Then I added some sashing bits to the left hand side of the block---that didn't need left handed sashing.  Only the first block in the row gets those.   That was last night.  I was tired, it was late and just quit.

Then today---I took off the part I goofed up, patched up the seams and promptly sewed the block on---to the wrong side and rotated a quarter turn clockwise. I meant half way horizontally, not vertically, LOL.   I was beginning to think that sewing was not meant to be on today's schedule.

If you are going to sew, you have to be ready to unsew as mistakes will be made.  I got it straightened out and the last block added in so I am officially half done with this.

Not entirely sure that I like it but you know what?  It will NOT be living at my house when it is done. Maybe one of the teens at Gene's Ogden House project will be the beneficiary of this one?   I am half done and the rest of the colors will blend in with these choices as I know there are couple more gold to mustard colored ones, more of the rusty red too. 

As part of my Christmas gift from my husband, I had ordered a walking foot for the Kenmore electronic machine.  It arrived yesterday and I am going to test it out but nor more sewing for the day.  I had promised myself that I would do some redwork (blackwork, greenwork, whatever color floss I am working in, LOL) on Saturday's.  I'll be pulling that out of its tote bag shortly after play time with the machine.

Nothing else to report, I guess.  I hope YOU have had a good day creatively-------

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