Jan 25, 2013

a plan?

I think I have a plan------

I have been looking at knitting needle rolls idea for months, probably as long as I have owned my set of 5 double point bamboo needles in 15 different sizes, ( I wrote about it this post.)    I have been pinning ideas right and left but none of them really seem to be what I am looking for---not enough spaces or I don't "get" the instructions.

Today I decided to pull out some freezer paper, only because it is large paper and on a roll, LOL and see if I could figure this out for myself.

2 levels of pockets?  Check.  Small slots for the skinnier smaller sizes--  #0-4 won't take up much room but #10.5-15 sure will.  I didn't unroll enough paper to make it as long as it should be but I know what I am shooting for now.  Cutting directions are written on the front side.  It will need to be lined (quilted?) and probably interfaced a bit on the pockets. 

I suppose the fabrics will need to be fairly light at least on the pockets so I can stencil on the needle size or figure out an alternative way of affixing a number.  The needles themselves are marked and I will be ditching the cellophane wrappers on the ones I have not used yet.  I guess the next step is to dig a bit in the baskets but not so much that it will be stretching my "no lifting" imperatives.   No way on God's Green Earth am I going to ask my husband to come in here and pull bins out for me!  He does not need to see what is stuck away under the table, on the shelves or in the closet.  I have some pre-quilted fabric that someone had given me as a kit for making a messenger bag. I will have to see if it will work for this project instead.

Speaking of husbands, our 14th anniversary is tomorrow.  I was given three choices of what we might do for our special day.  Often we go to Top of the River for their January special Riverboat Special but that is only available on Monday through Thursday---and our day is Saturday.  I passed.  2nd option left me cold and the 3rd was lunch at Golden Corral but I thought there was a price break during the week so we went today.  Less busy too. 

He brought me a single red rose.  I told him earlier in the week to not get me flowers as he was really sweet and took my car into to the oil changed.  I so appreciate him taking care of the vehicles so I don't have to even think about things like air in the tires, water in the battery and when it is due for maintenance.  The car would never get washed and waxed if it were not for him either. 

Other than that it has been a fairly quiet day.  The freezing rain they had predicted didn't materialize, thankfully.   However, the school system delayed the start time by two hours according to their best predictions Thursday night.  By the time I did my post office run I was right in the middle of the parents dropping their kids off.   All in all, a gloomy cool day but not cold enough for the furnace to run much.  I had two sweaters on for a time and was considering hopping in bed under an afghan for a while, LOL.

And sew it goes-----I need to look at the heart row too since I DO have some deadline things approaching.  Get over this inertia and feeling I want to hibernate!!


  1. Looks great. Don't forget to add extra fabric so the pockets are not too tight. A little sewn down pleat at the bottom of each pocket will make it fit right...bigger pocket, bigger pleat. Don't ask me how I know...argh! Yes I had to redo the whole thing


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