Jan 30, 2013

Weds check-in

I'm afraid that this is going to be another picture-less post.  That is how it goes sometimes.

My second eye surgery on Tuesday went well though the hospital did not have its act together quite like they did on round two.  The doctor was ready for me but they had not had the anesthesiologist chat with me or even started my eye drops.  He took the guy that was ready instead and I was the last one for the morning.  It matters not, really.   It's done and I'm doing well which is the important part.   My left eye is my "master" eye so it sort of felt like my field of vision was more drastically restricted last night but you only have to wear that shield at bedtime or naptime after the first 24 hrs have passed.

I had hoped too that I would be able to nap once we got home. I did not seem to be as asleep as I was on round 1 for one thing.    The externals here at home were not helping.   DJ was blasting the TV and then was out using the lawn mower to knock down the weeds that had sprung up.   I had a horrible time getting to sleep Monday night---awake till way past 2 a.m.  It did not help that our idiot neighbor was over ringing the door bell after 11 p.m. (stating it was an "emergency" but not what and she "needed 22 dollars."  DJ told her to call her mom.  Or ask that guy that is always hanging around her house lately.  We have been down that road before). 

This morning all nine of us post ops were back in the office at 8 a.m. but the weather forecast was not good!  They predicted the storms that had been percolating in Mississippi and west Alabama would hit here about 9 a.m. to 12 noon.  Damaging straight line winds and flash flooding was possible.  It was not raining when we road into town but the skies opened up while we waited at the office and then the tornado sirens sounded.  The office staff told us to move to the interior part of the building if we wanted.  I was the next one called back that way anyway.  DJ said there is 2 inches of rain in our gauge. 

My right eye tested out at 20/20 and the left at 20/25 though I could have made my best guess on a couple of letters and maybe passed that, LOL.     The doctor is pleased.  I'm pleased.  I will not require corrective lenses for driving and TV viewing is so much easier these days, especially when I don't have to look through tape and shield holes----go figure!  Readers for computer use and hand work, no biggie.

I told DJ that he will probably be the happiest fellow around once my activity restrictions are lifted.  He is willing to help and all that but all the kitchen clean up jobs are pretty much landing in his lap.   He has always unloaded the dishwasher and I help by cleaning up my mess while I prepare the meal.  Let's face it--when it is meal time he is used to just being called to the table.  Now he has to stay in ear shot to help me with the oven or moving food to the table.    Also I need help with the main grocery run---no bending, no heavy lifting or straining.  All this will pass soon enough.

Knitting continues---just finished hat #30 and started another.  I think tomorrow I will sew---those heart blocks are waiting---but not today with the storm systems that may still hanging around in the area.  Tomorrow is supposed to be better and with more seasonal temperatures.  (70 degrees in January with high dew points are NOT good. )   I'll be able to drive myself tomorrow for any errands that need run--cut DJ some slack.  The poor guy is tired.

So who knows?  Maybe one of these days I will have something quilty to show you! 


  1. Glad to hear it went well - and we'll be here when you're ready - ;))

  2. First I want to say how glad I am that your surgery went well and you are on the mend. But Oh My Gosh...what a neighbor! I got a kick out of DJ's response. And goodness! About that tornado siren??? What the heck!! "move to the interior part of the building IF YOU WANT"!. I'd be heading to the basement thank you very much!! heehee
    Another chuckle I had when you describe your DJ and kitchen clean up. Sounds exactly like my Don. Just call him when it's time to eat. haha


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