Weds check-in

I'm afraid that this is going to be a picture-less post this time.   Sorry about that but I know a few of my Belles were going to check here to see how my eye surgery went yesterday.

I had right cataract surgery done at the Same Day Surgery Center of one of the local hospitals.  DJ and I used the same doctor but he went to the other hospital.  We were not impressed but that facility is going through a much needed expansion of their SDS set up so hopefully, one day it will improve.  I reported at 0830 and left about 11.  DJ and I stopped to get something to eat before we went home---the man is NO cook. 

It seemed as though I was awake for the procedure though I had been given some IV sedative meds, so who knows.  Maybe they woke me up at some point or the twilight deal made it seem like I was awake;.  Anyway, nothing objectionable about it---I was a nurse for years so some of that professional curiosity remains.  

After calling my parents who were waiting to see how things went, I went to bed and took a long 4 hour nap.  Me--who rarely takes a nap because I have a hard enough time sleeping at night.    Between not being able to turn to the operative side and Skyler being a bed hog we both had some wakeful times, LOL.  What else is new??? 

The doctor asks his postop patients to return to the office for a check of the operative eye the morning after surgery.  Vision 20-20 now where it was 20-40 preop but the right eye was my better eye to start with.  Closeup is now fuzzy and distance vision is great!  Readers will be required but I am not sure about the strength I will need.  Of course, I have several pairs of those already if they will do the job. 

I don't know about sewing, embroidery or quilting for the time being.  It is a little disconcerting to have one eye be so good and the other, such a disparity.  Not today anyway.  I have another hat about to the shaping point so I will no doubt just keep knitting for now.  One more and I'll probably be ready to mail a box off to my friend Cindy.

It is still pouring down rain.   We have about 3.5 inches in our rain gauge over a two plus day period.  Tomorrow there may be snow.   Oh, boy!   I just want to stay home and hibernate, LOL.


  1. I'm so glad your surgery went so well. I was so accustomed to seeing things up close all of my life, that it still bugs me sometimes. Looking forward to Tuesday.


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