Jan 18, 2013

"that" fabric edited

I had asked Ellen the founder of Wrap Them in Love to send me/Bama Belles some more quilt labels when she had a chance.  I knew she has sent something far more than that though when the mail lady pulled up a few days ago and honked.

The fabric on the table is the contents of the priority box and made me smile.  Some time back Ellen was gifted a bunch of these same fabrics.  Ellen packed them in up in red color way and the blue colorway for 5 bucks each.   They may have done that more than once. 

Now you do still see quilts turn up with this in it on the gallery pages.  Some I know has been used for backs.   I still have some because I have gotten some long past the time that the 5 buck kits were dispersed.  I even loved that gold on gold vein so much that at one point Ellen sent me a roll of it.  I shared some with my mom since she works rings about me (700 plus quilts since 2000!) but there is still some folded up along with some bits of many of these and more of that cobblestone blue.

Way back in July 2006 I was working in a series with this stuff----take a peek of what I did with the initial quilt and how the leftovers became two more quilts in the blue colorway.  HERE I doubt that they will click much bigger than shown as that really was in the early blogging days.   OR I could repeat this top from back in June 2009 to use up some more of it.  I wrote about it HERE but long story short I used the backside of the blue to tone the veins down and left the yellow texture intact.  Pattern Source:   Quick Cozy Couch Quilts by Sandy Thompson but resized to fit the WTIL target range.

Moving on----------

So I am still more or less just thinking of sewing rather than putting needle to thread.  I could try sewing though there is some disparity between my fixed and my unfixed eye at this point.  I just honestly do not "feel" like it.  I know better than to force myself to do so--recipe for disaster.

I did come to a decision about my stack and whack though in that I am going to make the background fabric all the same piece rather than mess around with the star points.  I think that the green I had selected oh so long ago will just look like a big green blob.  I liked the looks of putting it against the Connecting Threads Mirage cream I had on hand but thought I could go a hair darker---and ordered the antique color and enough to accomodate more blocks.  I think I want it just a bit bigger.   Mary Frances who took the class with me and her daughter along with two or three others sent me pictures of the two she completed (back in 2002), hand quilting them!   Mary Frances' quilt used the same background throughout and I like the looks of it.  Stirred up some memories for us both.

I have been knitting and currently am on hat #12 for this box.  I'll be mailing it out soon.  I was going to try putting a few stitches in my "Witches Hooray" just to see how that works out.

 Last night I went through the photo boxes---there were 3---and got it whittled down to two by discarding all those old quilt show pictures I had developed.  Oh I saved a couple but most are gone.  I believe that I could do the same with the photo albums, come to think of it.  I have not looked at them in forever.

Today found me backing up the computer (It took about 7 hrs today---ugh) and cleaning out the lower drawer of my file cabinet where I discovered checking account statements from way back in 1995 and earlier.  I had to save them when we first moved here in 97 but I think they can hit the burn pile.  DJ is in charge of that!  I gained a little bit of space and that is all that mattered though there is more I COULD do.

Our snowfall lingered on the grass in the back  yard especially for a few hours this morning but once the sun came out-----gone.  DJ had scraped my car windows off though since there was ice under the snowfall that collected.  It is great to see the sun and even Skyler is enjoying the window seat with the afternoon sun streaming in.  I left on errands since I had stuff to take to the donation bins and a run into town and the thermometer was at about 48 but felt warmer with the sun..  The weather dude says don't get too used to it though---another cold front is on its way.

Nothing much going on really and I am half tempted to go lay down for a bit as I had a "couldn't get to sleep and couldn't stay asleep night" last night.   I will be happy when I can lay on whatever side I want, LOL---just sayin'.

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  1. lol! the fabric that keeps on giving! I do believe that I have some of the gold vein on gold, too. :)


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