Feb 1, 2013

sewing a bit

Yesterday I warmed up on sewing by stitching up a a little eye glass case with the leftovers from the needle roll I had made.  Crudely done maybe but it will work.  If you think this one looks bad than you should see the one that I just tried to overcast/zigzag.  I really did need a serger for that job but that has long ago departed.  I did think about calling Lois to see if she would buzz it up for me since I know she serges all the edges of her yardage before she washes it.  By then I just wanted to stay home having done all my running earlier.

Then I got started on the foundation pieced hearts for my variation of the "Seasons in a Row" selection.  I don't know what the heck I was thinking the other day as I severely miscounted how many half square triangles to cut for the background filler.    DUH, there are two of them in two sizes!!  I will have cut at least 4 more squares to get what I will be needing to finish the job!!  Thank heavens, I still have a little bit of yardage left.  After all those 5 QOV quilts, I have very little white on white in my stash at the moment.  I needed it for last month's snowmen and now I was using it again for background because of the pink heart fabric I chose. 

I don't know if that stuff they give you for surgery makes you a little forgetful for days after but that foolishness is not the only thing I have slipped up on.  Like the other night in making chili, I put the empty diced tomato can in the dishwasher. What??  DJ didn't say anything so he must not have seen it.  Walking off and leaving things on the counter that needed to be put back in the fridge was another.  Forgetting I need that grabber bar from the room I just came out of.  Just little silly things, it seems but it seems like he is going to have to follow me everywhere I go just to be sure I don't do something foolish.  Of course, he doesn't always follow what I am trying to tell him either.  "Put the sausage on the table" I said.  He starts to put the oven rack I had baked it on (to drain the grease) directly ON the table leaving the cookie sheet in the oven.  Now who's silly?

Well, the laundry needs my attention so off I go------hope you have a good day!  Think the ground hog will see his shadow tomorrow?  I know I am ready for the Alberta Clipper to move on.  The sun is nice but the wind----brrrrr.


  1. happy to hear the surgery went well, and I am sure the meds are having that effect! nice you are giving sewing a bit of a go...your eye will feel better every day which is so great to know

  2. If it's any consolation, that also happens to my husband. Just put him to sleep and he's just not himself for a couple weeks. He had a colonoscopy with no anesthetic because he doesn't like the after effects. Glad it went well.

  3. hahaha Oh I soooo know what you mean about silly stuff. That's a pretty frequent occurrence around here lately. Maybe it is the after effects of surgery. That works for me! ;o)


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