Feb 21, 2013

Thursday check in

Today's blogs are hopped and cheer led.  The laundry is done, except for folding.  Chatted with my friend Cher before she left for work----helps that she is two time zones away there!  Skyler has been treated---twice.  Husband is off to the doctor's appointment.  House to myself for an hour or two.

I got a little helper mid way through.  Good luck dealing with those socks till he vacates.

Also finished packing this stuff up to go back to DISH. There went the rest of the roll of bubble wrap I had and whatever newspaper that I had not taken to the recycle center.  Just to be ornery and because I am a little perturbed with them,  I should have gone out to the storage shed and gotten my bag of packing peanuts and filled it up. Not only do we have to run clear out to the UPS Store some 10-12 miles away to take it back but they are doing to charge us for the privilege in the end.  Say, what???  Seems to me if you wanted this stuff back YOU would be customer friendly and just let us drop it off instead of charging 17 bucks per box.  OR better yet,  come get it and the dish off the house while you are at it.  If the husband suggests changing services again in two years, I am apt to suggest dropping some of the services if the costs become prohibitive instead of going through this crap again, only Direct TV's version of crap.  Okay, rant over.

I couldn't use my cutting/pressing table even if I wanted to.  I don't see the eye doc again till the 26th and I am staying on activity restrictions on the bending, lifting deal until I get the go-ahead.  They are moving to new to them, larger building a couple of blocks away so all the surgery day mates and I were pushed back to three weeks return instead of two.  It works out okay for me as I will be going right near there on the way back from my quilt meeting.  (Two weeks would have been of week in between quilt meetings)  My Kenmore is also sitting behind the boxes but that thing weighs a ton and I would need DJ to move it at this point.  I felt bad enough about him having to rotate three of them a couple weeks ago.  He spared me the "why do you need so many machines?" question, thankfully.  Not sure of that answer but I just do and use them all for different things.  Back ups too.   Really I was hoping that DJ would want to take the boxes out to UPS after (or before) his doctor's appointment since he would be half way there but he expects me to go with him.  I assume after lunch sometime.

If I could sew or dink around in here I had come to a conclusion about a quilt project last night about 2 a.m.  Ever happen to you, where an idea you have been muddling around with suddenly had a possibility come to you from that subconscious mind?  Since at the point I was not sleeping, I almost got up to check something on the computer!  BUT I waited till a few minutes ago to come up with a link to the lyrics to the song "Bushel and a Peck".   Who knew that was from "Guys and Dolls?"  Not me apparently!  Now, why that??  Challenge fabric for guild and specifically, what to do with that Michael Miller heart stuff.  See THIS POST for more of the story.

Okay I wound up with two packets.  I know what to do with the cupcake fabric and its companion.  I have that pattern all printed off and ready to foundation piece.  Those hearts were the problem child.  My brainstorm is this:  mug rugs though up to this point I didn't want to make any.  I will applique down one or more of the hearts in one or the other or maybe even both.  AND I'll embroider some of the "Bushel and a Peck" lyrics on them.   First one might say "I love you, a bushel and peck"  2nd one, "hug around the neck"-- 3rd one, "barrel and a heap"--last one "talkin' in my sleep about you".  DJ would totally get it and has a birthday coming up at the end of April.   He could use a little mug rug on his table near his recliner.  We sing that to each other or I sing it and he chimes in.  Mom used to sing the first two lines but I didn't know the rest of the song till I met DJ.  Considering they are almost contemporaries he knows the older stuff, LOL.   That is my working idea for now----although I may change the numbers of them depending how big I make the font.   I bet no one else at guild would come up with this!!  They have their own fabric samples to play with.

For today,  it will be back to the stitching though I am making some progress on that front----

Today will be a few more squiggles in the foreground and then I am moving to the roof section on this little Victorian cottage.   My right hand was cramping up a bit when I went to bed last night so I am glad that I didn't try knitting too.   Season two of Downton Abbey to keep me company .

First a quick personal errand for me, lunch and then DJ can drag us off on that run to fulfill our leasing obligations to DISH.  Hope you are having a good day------

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