Feb 13, 2013

organizing, or trying to

Bev had a cute little snapware stackable portable storage organizer for some of her supplies  yesterday.   Since I was making a Hobby Lobby run and had a 40% off coupon, I looked to see if I could find one.  Well, I found two.  I told Bev on Facebook that she had influenced me but it was leading to serial cleaning.  Should I blame her or thank her??

Once home, I re-organized some things that sit on the sewing room cutting and pressing table.  Move one thing and you end up doing more than you first planned.   On the left are the two units filled and stacked.  The art type supplies are now corralled from three different locations in their own container.    The neutral threads fit in the other along with a few other little quilting doo dads.     A few other items were shifted around but I may look into getting another one or two of these down the line.  Live with this arrangement for a time.

Because this container used to contain the neutral thread, I was able to combine all five of my machines bobbins and extra feet (in some cases) back in it.  It now lives where the embroidery floss used to be on the book shelves with the additional threads. 

The embroidery floss went on the TV stand shelf.  The new TV set up only requires a small, small box.  My old DVD player was not working so it was removed from the unit---whadya know?  Shelf space is open.  There is one more floss box, maybe another that is committed to a specific project.  I would love to have something similar to a office in/out files thing to shelve them all but I am not sure where it would "live"  if I had one.  This will do for now.

And because the desk needed attention after shifting some of the art supplies etc, the 3 ancient broken baskets were replaced after a run to the dollar store.  Stuff was tossed, papers sent through the shredder and I can actually see the bottom of the pull out drawer....usually I just open the drawer and stuff something in and it gets lost in a dark hole, LOL till I can't stand it anymore..  

The lower larger desk drawer was dealt with as well.  I still need to address the 2 drawer file but I cannot fully open the drawer with the sewing machine table sitting where it currently is.  I hate to ask DJ to move it especially since I still need the machine that is sitting in it.  Two days ago I had to have him come in and move three machines all around the room.  I don't want to repeat that if I can avoid it.  Yes, he would help me if I asked especially since he wants me to behave and have a good surgical result too.  It can wait.  I need to finish my blog hop entry anyway.

DJ and I will be going out for lunch tomorrow.  Yeah, I know it is Valentine's Day and maybe he is expected to do so but we just had an anniversary a few weeks ago so we tend to celebrate it rather than a made for the card companies and florists holiday.  He sort of surprised me when he mentioned his plans when I got home from quilting yesterday.  Fine with me though as we rarely eat out.

I made him some peanut butter blossom cookies today with Hershey's kisses (get it?) but he had to help me with the oven detail.  He was helping me put the chocolates into the hot from the oven cookies.  It is rare to have any assistance in the kitchen but again, he will help if I ask and give specific instructions as to what I want done. Most of the time, we would just be getting in each other's way. 

I'll get back to the machine cover tomorrow----three sides are together but the back needs to be added to the mix and the binding applied to the bottom edge.  Close!  After that I need to be turning my attention to get started on a blog hop that follows in late March called "Stitch Me Up"  The current hop is "Hugs and Kisses February 11-15th so they are three days in!  I haven't had a chance to go visit any of the participants--- yet.  See Sew WE Quilt for all the information. 

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  1. I soooo need to organize. I am doing it little by little, but it seems to be a never ending project.


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