Day 6 "It's All About Me"

Picked a favorite yet?  What a talented group of quilters so I am glad that it is Madam Samm's job to pick top 2 and most creative each day.

I'll be off to my Bama Belles quilt meeting for a good bit of the day so you might get to see today's entries before I do!

Here is the list of today's version of "ME"

Tuesday, February 26

Pat Sloan's Blog
To Love Handmade
Feathered Nest Studio
Selina Quilts
Gypsy Dreamer Quilts
Sheila's Quilt World
13 Woodhouse Road
Stitches of Love
Janice at That Other Blog
In the Sewing Basket

****It appears as in the previous days that a few people did not complete their projects or dropped out---sorry for sending you on a Wild Goose Chase****


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