Feb 7, 2013

WIP Thursday

A little progress has been made----all the pieces are cut out including the batting.  You can see how bright the fabrics are if not  exactly where this project is headed.

The appliqued piece is prepped as well, in fact I am about to switch out the foot on the machine and try to do the button hole edge finishing. 

Not sure how much I am supposed to showing you ahead of the blog hop so you see the backside of the piece.  Truthfully it does not look like much, does it?  I used the backside of the one of the prints to get the lighter effect that you see in my directions hanging off the shelving unit.  Lighter and closer to the pink dot in tone, truthfully. See how the stitching goes.  Maybe I'll start on the BHA on the Halloween piece---finally--if all goes well.

On to other matters:

My eye doctor appointment went well---good vision both eyes.  I can even read my email from about 4 1/2 feet away, better than with my readers if the truth were told.  I am still adjusting to the new normal.  I asked when my activity restrictions are due to be lifted----3 weeks post-op 2nd eye which puts me up to Feb. 19th though I may wait till I am seen again on the 26th to be sure.  DJ is not really complaining except for cleaning out the litter box.  I already told you about his just wanting to be called to the table, LOL. 

The way the staff explained it, there are no stitches holding that new lens in place so the exterior has to form its own seal.  Bending over at the waist is the worst thing you could do (and heavy lifting right behind that) as it puts the most strain on the eye.  She also told me about a farmer who did NOT behave himself and immediately started doing everything he has been told NOT to do.  The eye covering slipped, it had to be stitched back on and the doctor had to piggy back on a 2nd lens---more surgery that could have been avoided.  She said that had happened only the one time that she has been working for opthamologists in 6 years. 

Should I slip up and accidentally turn over to the operative side in bed, not such a big deal.  If the eye shield at night is a reminder NOT to lay on that side, then continue to use it for at least another week.  LOL  I am getting used to looking like a cyclops.  Eyes drops continue though one will be tapered off gradually and the other, used till it is gone. I estimate that will be in about 10 days based on how long the previous bottle lasted.  I want a good outcome---I will behave.

Other than dealing with the husband who was working on the taxes that is about all that happened the past two days.  He was grousing about the State and Feds not sending out the booklets anymore.  "We shouldn't have to print off these forms"  Who is this "we" you are speaking of---you mean ME, LOL.  Then he can't decide if he needs 1040 or 1040 A and I have to look for some schedule that goes with whatever line for this or that worksheet.  Do you know that there are over 2000 forms on the irs dot gov website??  Talk about a needle in a haystack!    We also found that this year it would be more beneficial to itemize on the state forms but it meant digging in the desk for receipts, etc for the backing documents.   More fun and games but like last year, we will still end up paying the State but not the Feds.  (Alabama's tax code is really regressive.) More forms to print and salient sections of the instruction book.

Then today I was having "upside down and backwards problems" trying to print the form out on two sides.  Or when I did get that part straightened out then a big blue blob printed where the mailing address typo was made and corrected but for some reason would not clear till I opened up a new form and refilled it in again.  Oh well!  We are not the only taxpayers with gripes and complaints--- if not now, then later.

Off to try my hand at the machine---sounds more fun to me!

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  1. good to hear the news on your eye! and boy oh boy those tax forms do not get any easier as each year comes along..I am still waiting to be sure all info is here. Great to "see" your progress on the applique hop along..today I am buckling down on mine!


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