Feb 27, 2013

Tuesday meeting

Yesterday was a fun day at Bama Belles in spite of an overcast, chilly and windy day.  We quilters can make our OWN fun.  Two of the ladies that were visiting at the last meeting came back to spend some time with us and another lady who had hoped to come in the past made it as well.

The church was set up for their turn to host a Lenten meal today so we were more scattered all over the room at any available table so as not to disturb their set up.  Still 4 or 5 quilts were pinned though not with my help, I'm afraid.   I have to work diligently on my stitchery project---get this thing done so I can move on to a couple other small items that are also deadline items!!  I enjoy embroidery but usually I can do it at my own pace.

I saw a pineapple log cabin one gal was doing in lovely batiks.  There was a recent pineapple log cabin class using the techniques of Trash to Treasure by Gyleen X. Fitzgerald.  Jane was working on her version at the Saturday guild sew-in.  I think the strips finish at 1 or 1/2 inches wide using the book and ruler she espouses.  Another was cutting out segments for a block in the month in blacks/whites from an area quilt shop.  Bev was making giant yo-yo's for a runner.   Janet was getting ready to start a Catkin quilt kit from In the Beginning so was trying to figure out what went where and just where everything fit together.  I hope I didn't confuse her about my take of what was going on! The pattern is available for free online at http://www.inthebeginningfabrics.com/freepatterns.htm but I won't give the direct link as it will open a pdf file.  There may be some other patterns that interest you anyway!

Lois was just back from a trip to Panama between meetings so we were all asking her about trip.  It got rave reviews from Lois and racked right up there with "best trip ever or close to it"  A few were missing---one had been ill and another had other obligations.  Another is back to work and her time is not her own.  Those present seemed to be having a good "girlfriend day".

Here are a couple of the quilts turned in----

Janet is practicing free motion quilting and this was her Baptist Fan piece.  She had some samples of large stipple she had been working on as well but this one she was donating for a young child.

And this is Bev's---we just pinned this last time.  The girl is quick!  I am not sure that she made the top or if it is something that she came by as she is an ebay devotee and I think, yard sales.

I got the sew-in date for April set up with the church secretary and we may be having a sew date next month as well as Marilyn knew of a mission field project that we might be able to help with.

I had an eye doctor appointment on the way home from the meeting saving me another trip back into town.  He is pleased with how my eyes look, vision is good, no correction needed other than the readers for closeup work.  Activity restrictions are lifted---yahoo!  I'm doing the last of the prescribed drops, down to one med and daily for the rest of this week.  Just OTC artificial tears as needed.    I may be able to get the corrective lenses restriction lifted from my drivers license with the changes in my vision but the doctor has to sign off on it.  His assistant said that there is a form available but they would take care of it if done in 3 month period.  I don't have to go back for 2 months when I assume he will release me.

It has been a fairly quiet day--a few errands, then out to lunch with the husband.  Don't have to cook as we have leftovers from two meals available in the fridge but I do need to go re-heat something!!  Break time is over!

Tomorrow is my day to show you what I made for the "It's All About Me" blog hop.  I was thrilled that my friend Cher was picked for the top 2 of the day.  I probably won't be as lucky but you never know.  Hope you will come back and check it out tomorrow!  I showed the Belles yesterday and they said all the right things, LOL.

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