Feb 15, 2013

Checking in

It has been a fairly uneventful morning and day of it so far.  We got the laundry done, ran out for a biscuit and coffee mid-morning.  I was working on a scheduled post for the blog hop next week, making sure that the links would be active.  I finished up the embellishments I wanted to do on MY entry.   I cannot show it to you yet and my assigned day is not until the final day, the  28th.   Now what? 

Oh, I can think of a couple things I could start working on as there is another blog hop next month, a stitchery one, that I will need to make something to show.  The Friendship Quilters fabric sample challenge will need to be done as well though I have till April. I could button hole applique the Halloween Button Up while I have the correct machine out but somehow I think not.  That "deadline" is too far off, not a priority.  I could do the kites for the "Seasons in a Row"  for the row of the month though required by March 9th. 

 I could/should type up the LAST meeting's minutes, come to think of it.   I was also going to send out an email to Bama Belles with a couple ideas I had for future meetings if they want to join along.  AND I am getting a "to be quilted" stack again but I know I will wait on this till I am off activity restrictions as I need to move machines and tables and all that good stuff around to be able to take care of any of these.  

Oh, one other thing to add to my list----I had recently gotten a used copy of Patti R. Anderson's EQ Pieced Drawing.   I have never made it all the way through the EQ6 User manual and its lessons.  Even though I have used EQ for years there is always something changed between versions and I could be more proficient in it.  The Anderson book builds on the lessons in the manual so I was going to start there first.  You can teach an old dog new tricks.  Don't have to do it today of course but maybe plan a couple hours each week to play.

Here at home:
We were down to the low 30's this morning though we have a couple nights of 20's and a high of only 40 some coming up.  Today it was up close to 60 so DJ got his tree cutting tools out and went out to deal with a couple more trunks of that awful Chinese Privet.  The piece he is working on is actually two that almost fused but the last branch standing.  He was down to three last week so there has been some progress.  The burn pile is heaped up so there is no place to put the more recent cuttings. 

Those trunks are thick!  He said a hand ax just bounces off the trunk and the chain saw is not working.  At some point he will ask the across the lane neighbor to get his Kubota tractor/endloader back here and yank this thing out.  Where you see the bare spot in around the trunks is the surface area this thing took up.  He needs it gone so he can get around between the kudzu bank and the yard to mow the extra lot of our property. 

Here is what I mean by kudzu bank.  It is dormant now but it won't be come late spring.  I don't know how much you can see about the relationship to the hill and the road down below but they cut through the hill on both sides to make the road.  The lane that our house is on USED to be the main road years ago.    We look out the back yard and are level with the two houses across the road.

 And here is Skyler sunbathing in the bedroom window, catching that afternoon sun.

The next thing I know it will be time to fix dinner.  I have gotten off kind of easy on the cooking deal this week.  The freezer provided a couple of meals, I had quilt group, we were out to Cracker Barrel for lunch on Valentine's Day.  What we would have had for lunch ordinarily became supper.  No such luck tonight though.  I'm thinking Seafood Creole maybe or go Asian with a shrimp stir fry.

And so it goes-----


  1. I vote for shrimp stir fry - YUM!! - and making the kites for the "Seasons in a Row" quilt. Then - if you didn't want to tackle that "to be quilted" stack - you could try your hand at making a Sudoku Quilt - they're fun - ;))

  2. Love Skyler basking in the sun. Molly and Roxy do the same. Maybe "we" should try it .


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