Feb 25, 2013

Pajama Day?

Well so far today IS a Pajama Day!  I admit that it was not my intention, necessarily, when Skyler drug me out of bed a little after 6 for his morning treat bite but it IS what has happened so far.  It is a coolish, damp gloomy and intermittently rainy day and one of what seems to be many this winter.  Who wouldn't feel like hibernating??  One nice day with sunshine and boom, more rain. UGH even if it has been good for our camellia bush.   Recently a friend who lives in Maine said "well at least you don't have to shovel rain".  This was right after the first huge snowfall/blizzard and they got more soon after.  Maggie, you were right and I should NOT be complaining.

So far I have checked in with today's blog participants which led to finding a neat designer Quilt Doodle Designs.  First I spotted an applique penguin she had on her design blog--- a friend had been looking for penguin patterns.  That led to finding a cupcake design in pdf download on her etsy site.  Do I really want to foundation piece a cupcake or I could possibly applique one for that upcoming guild challenge piece?  LOL could go either way as far as technique but I know which would be easier in the interest of time.

Then I checked Facebook---someone on a facebook group that I sometimes participate in is looking for a sewing machine manual.  I had been that route myself and had a few ideas of where she might look.  A little checking on a sewing forum and I may have found an answer.  The woman was looking for a friend so she'll share anything she gleaned, like is a White 1630 the same as what she had called a Brother De Luxe 1630?   Maybe!  Worth looking anyway.

Meanwhile I am continuing to stitch on my selection for the "Stitch Me Up" Blog Hop.  I took it with me to the sew-in on Saturday and got it moved along in spite of the table hopping to see what the others were up to.  Jackie C was leading the group in making Stack and Whack Fans---Bethany Reynolds has a tutorial on her pages HERE if you don't know what these look like.  There were maybe 8-10(?) in the works.

The neatest part of the day was the group of young quilters that were sewing.  Shelia one of the program leaders was leading the girls in making a strip pieced tote and they were intently listening in this first picture.  One is the protege of one of the members---Caitlyn's auntie lives next door to one of the member. When Caitlyn (in the pink print top, back to the camera) expressed an interest in sewing and got a new Brother for Christmas, they got hooked up.  Probably before that though!   We met Caitlyn at the January Meeting when Carole brought her.  Three others are granddaughters of our members and one was a BFF to one of the grands.

Mallory ( in the white shirt) has made two quilts that I know of and is a honorary guild member.  It was kinda funny when we heard one of the girls going "Nana!  Nana!" and trying to get her grandmother's attention.  Someone said something along the lines of  "There are a bunch of us that answer to THAT name!  Which one are you wanting?"  LOL.

I never take my camera with me as our historian Beth takes good care of documenting the meetings and sew-ins.  Just download it from facebook or shutterfly to avoid a pictureless post.  You may be able to see more HERE on facebook if you "like" the page.

Also over the weekend I finally got around to typing up the guild "show and tell" and minutes notes.  The newsletter editor had not asked for them yet but would be soon!  In addition, I had at one point volunteered to help with the website duties if the member who had been doing it was unable to continue.  She now lives out of state and the board thought it best to take me and another volunteer up on that offer.  I spent a bit of time poking around on the site to see how wordpress differs from blogspot.  The previous web madam had to give us the password so we could add ourselves as administrators first.  I was able to post a note, edit another section and add last month's newsletter.  Here is the link:  http://friendshipquiltersalabama.wordpress.com/

I wouldn't mind changing the font down a little bit and I can't figure out how she added those pictures at the bottom of the page either so there will be a learning curve!  Donna and I will chat about "who should do what" at the next meeting.  I'm the secretary and she's the quilt show chair so there are things that are in our "job" responsibilities, LOL.

Bama Belles meet tomorrow, eye doctor appointment on the way home---and I will still be embroidering!  Jane joked that someone was going to have to call the house and ask DJ to go make sure that I was still working on my piece!  If I wasn't then he was to get me moving on it again.  It is a bit past the half way point in the drawing so maybe by week's end it will be done??  Shooting for that anyway.  I may not get the March row done in time but I have till the 2nd Saturday in March so who knows.

I do have a couple of odds and ends to tend to for BB's.  Things to pack, email to send, that sort of deal---stuff I should have taken care of two weeks ago but didn't.  Bad girl!  Not enough hours in the day sometimes especially ---when you can find ways to spend an entire morning on the computer.  Let's call it research and cultivating friendships.

And sew it goes--------

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  1. Yay for PJ days and granddaughters interested in sewing!!

    I had to laugh at your "Nana" story - I answered the phone at work one time and a little voice said, "Can I talk to my Mommy?" I said, "Honey, we are ALL Mommies - which one is yours?" She said, "Frances." So cute - ;))

    Have fun with all of your duties and projects. I have NO idea where you find the time to do them all - ;))


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