Feb 19, 2013

Tuesday this and that

 There is not a whole lot of productivity going on around here but that is partially because my main project is hand work.

Actually I feel more curling up and taking a nap like Skyler.  Once the winter moisture condensation settles down on the window frame DJ and I will displacing Skyler from his favorite perch to scrap and paint the window sill and get this thing re-seated properly.  The velcro band that holds it in place is half on and half off with the sheer from him jumping from the bed to the perch.    Recently we had to make him get off of there as the thing was hanging at a wonky angle and we were afraid he would soon find himself on the floor!   We got the supplies needed on a store run today.

Not to give too much away of the "Stitch Me Up" blog hop that will run from March 20-29th this is the project I chose from the group of 8 patterns.  Oh there were other choices but this one just appealed to me more and may go with some other collected patterns in the long run.  There is lots and lots of stitching to be done!  I am a little further along than when I took this picture on Sunday but it  WILL take some time.  Jane, Aline and I plan to go to our guild sew-in on Saturday rather than all three days and I know this is what I will be working on.  Not only will it prevent having to lug the sewing machine and attendant supplies but this needs to be moved along.

I did a bit of knitting last night after laying off for about a week or so.  I had started this same hat once before with the needles called for and thought it looked huge for supposedly age 8 to 12 head.  I dropped down to 10's from the 11's and I still think it looks a little big.   I've done enough rows (11) to establish the pattern and am about half way to the crown shaping.  TV viewing time project.

I am off to see what the participants have done for the current blog hop "It's All About Me".  I hope that you will join me!  Some may have giveaways but to me the best part is seeing the eye candy!!

Here is today's list of participants-----

Tuesday, February 19

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Sunshine Quilting
Karen at That Other Blog
Grammie Q
Gracie Oliver Arts
Marjorie's Busy Corner
Sowing Stitches
Pigtales and Quilts

Have fun!

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