Dec 5, 2012

more quilting----but almost done!!

This is an image of the quilt I have been working on since Sunday afternoon.  My friend Aline's sister pieced it and if I am understanding correctly, it is the sister's first quilt.  Aline sashed and bordered it.

This puppy is BIG---like 85 inches square big.  I initially thought it was a 4 x 5 block set but nope, square.   As of last evening, all the interior of the quilt was completed when I did SID 16 of the blocks.  Some of the subtle flying geese in the border are done as well as the 4 patches Aline used.  By the time the last two days were done, I felt like I had been wrestling a bear!  Apparently I can do 80 ish quilts on my domestic machine but it is not always easy.

Today is the remaining border bits and I think I am just going to do "piano keys" 3 inches wide that will echo the size of the colored squares.  Aline and Lorraine will team up for the binding detail though I would have at least put it on for her by machine had Aline brought it with the quilt.

Almost done----and then tree skirts and maybe Christmas stockings will be doing more than just dancing in my head, LOL.  Once my Connecting Threads order is here I can get busy.


  1. you go girlfriend! the quilting will be awesome! :)

  2. Almost done!! Can't wait to see the tree skirts and stocking you have in mind. And what did you order from CT? - ;))


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