Dec 6, 2012

Moving on

I finished up the monster quilt I showed you in the last post as planned yesterday afternoon, almost right on schedule. Aline had called me about something else and I told her I would be finished in an hour or so. What did she want to do about pickup and delivery? They attend church near my home and it being Wednesday evening, there is usually choir practice and/or Bible study going on.  We left it that one of them would probably run by before heading home.

Funny thing was her husband stopped  to pick up the quilt and the phone was ringing at the same time.
  I could guess who it was on the other end though we let it ring.  Aline was telling me that if I didn't see Hans by 7:45 he wouldn't be coming, LOL.    He'd already been and gone!

I have been knitting a bit in the evenings and started the hat on the right Tuesday evening.  Really I wanted to do it as using a true circular needle or "in the round" as they say but had already shut down the computer so just went with the standard methodology.  Circular needles but used straight like I normally do.  I am at the point with that watch cap where you switch over to stockinette stitching. 

Since I was done with the quilt before I had to worry about supper prep I cast on and followed along with the video tutorial I posted last month from knitdenise.  Well, I cast on twice because the first time I had done it far too tight and should have used a shorter 12 inch cable between the needles.  Another inch or two and I'll be doing the shaping for the top.  Then do I try the video for knitting with two circular needles OR switch to double points?

And just like that----I got more than one thing going, just like I do with quilting! 

And also considering another project with any leftover yarn.  I do like this Grape Fizz color and can see getting another skein when I am down near  Hobby Lobby next week.  I  may need more to finish it.  I know I can get two watch caps out of one skein of yarn but switching things out, maybe not. The hat is from the redheart dot come website for "knit roll brim hat".  Change things up a little bit and adapt for in the round. 

At some point I need to re-crochet the top of this hanging towel thing for the kitchen----provided I can remember where it is that I found the directions.  Just poking the button through the double crochet spaces has led to some raveling.

Oh, speaking of the kitchen.  DJ is just about done in there!  A couple coats of green on one last door and he is finished.  The ones he has already completed are hanging.  I'll get a "tada" picture taken when he is officially finished.  It really looks different in there!  I can also expect to have a return on my dryer top as he has had it taken over as his work/storage space since this whole deal started.  You can do the laundry but forget using that normally available surface for a folding/holding prep area.

At present I am pre-washing fabrics for Allison's tree skirt (and maybe stockings).  Most of this is half yards, from Connecting Threads.

Technicolor Tidings

Peppermint Frost

Sweet St. Nick--but only that candy on butterscotch background

The cream is for the background of the skirt, as my  niece requested.

I hope to combine this with other things in my stash, including what was cut away from the backing of my Patience Corner to make crazy patched sections of the "petal" segments of the tree skirt.   I know I have some charm squares left from my quilt and can incorporate some pieced elements into the segments, whatever.  She wanted a mix of fabrics that would go with any decor down the line.   So that is exactly what I will do.  I like the button and loop closure on this as well.  McCall's M6453

But first----slog through pressing all this fabric.  I hate to iron but half yards are not too bad as three yards of backing fabric.  Today may only be about prep work---and fill in with knitting for actual creative time.

Friendship Quilter's Christmas Party is on Saturday and I am signed up for dessert.  I am thinking I am going to make another peanut butter sheet cake since the girls seemed to enjoy that at the retreat in October.  I made cookies for the last sew-in a few weeks ago though I am wanting to try an Angel Sugar Crisp Cookie recipe I have flagged on pinterest from Taste of Home.  Maybe next week, midweek or so.

Well, I've got a date with the iron.  Good thing it is warm enough outside to open a window and maybe keep from getting overheated doing said pressing.

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  1. Busy little bee you are! I could post for a week with all the stuff you cram into one post - haha. The knitting looks great - love the colors! Funny how projects just keep coming, huh? Can't wait for "tada" kitchen photos. The tree skirt fabrics are yummy - and I like the button/loop closure, too - very nice! Pressing is a pain - but a big old FAN might help - ;))


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