Dec 8, 2012

It is official

It is official---the cabinet painting is completed when DJ hung the last cabinet door at 1530 Friday!

Took almost 5 weeks and a lot of patience on his part. Nothing slower than waiting for paint to dry, is there? Thankfully, we have had fairly seasonable weather with little rain chances during this process. (Average highs supposedly for us this time of year is about 60.)

Sure looks different in here! Now if I could just get rid of that awful counter top and put laminate flooring down in my sewing room, LOL. Girl can dream.

I will be at quilt group by the time this posts so catch you later!


  1. woohoo on the paint job being over!
    missing you today but went shopping and that sucked up a lot of time!
    hope to see you tomorrow...

  2. Looks like DJ did a WONDERFUL job! The counter top doesn't look bad in the photo - but a new one is always nice. And laminate in the sewing room is wonderful - I have some in mine and I love it - my chair just slides right along - and sweeping is a whole lot less hassle than vacuuming - at least to me - ;))

  3. Came out REALLY GOOD!!! Bet you are happy it is finally finished.


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