Dec 22, 2012

Saturday check-in

 This was the front of a Shoebox Christmas card that came yesterday for DJ from his friend and former co-worker Bob. I scanned it and put the inside text with the picture. Too funny but Bob is always finding great birthday cards and such.   (I didn't get cards sent this year but I don't always do that anyway)  If the cat had more black on him, who would it remind you of??

I ran the store errands today and both stores were a zoo.  Last year I remembered that I had a hard time finding a small ham for our holiday meal so felt there was no reason to postpone.  With the two of us we don't necessarily need to get a big spiral cut ham.  Dial it back!  No doubt I have forgotten something that I will be needing before week's end but for now, I'm set.

And I just finished the last of the hats by completing the green rolled brim hat that you see in the foreground.  There are two hats in each of the different colorways.  For now though I am out of business till I get another skein or two of yarn.   These are now packed up and ready for me to mail out to my pal Cindy in TN to add to the ones she needs for her project.  I still like the purple yarn about the best, but then purple is my fav color.  The green would be my next favorite.

This is what is next on my day's creative bent.  8 snowmen blocks and the sashing bits for the row quilt.   The top and bottom halves of the snowmen need to be joined.  I ran out of time and inclination last night, LOL.

 My friend at alefthanded quilter will recognize the snowflake fabric she swapped with me.  She said it was mine now so I could do what I want with the stuff.  I took her at her word!   The rest of it was from my stash though I "robbed" the moda marble hat band fabric from my old UFO Galactic Twinkle.  (The blocks have been done forever----I really should either finish that quilt or re-purpose the blocks!)

The pattern  "Seasons in a Row" designed by Sandy Brawner  (available at Quilt County ) shows embroidering the facial elements but I think I'll use buttons for the eyes. That can't go on till the quilting is done unless I am the one quilting it.  I could embroider the carrot noses and mouths though the bulk of the row will be done by the January guild meeting when they assign whatever the choice is for February.   I think we both know that is NOT happening when I have tree skirts to make.

I feel more like nap than sewing at the moment though--wait and see if that 2nd wind comes around, LOL.  DJ and Skyler are both napping so you get where I got the idea?

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  1. First off - BOB LOVES the card!! If she had a tail - she would put jingle bells on it, too!! - ;))

    Your hats look TERRIFIC - and the snowflake fabric has found a wonderful new home - much better than the shelf where it used to live in my house - ;))


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