Jan 26, 2014

2 blog hops in 1 time frame

Mdm. Samm our head cheerleader from sewwequilt is being assisted by Carla of Creatin' in the Sticks with TWO blog hops over the next week or so, run alternating days.  We start tomorrow, Monday  January 27th and the whole deal wraps up on February 7th.

The first is She Who Sews and I'll post that schedule first:

Monday, January 27
Joy Studio

Wednesday, January 29th

Friday, January 31st

Tuesday, February 4th

Thursday, February 6th

Lixie Makes It
How ART you?
Seams To Be Sew
threads on my socks
Quilted Delights
Life in the Scrapatch
Sew We Quilt

Then on the alternate days, we do the door stop/draft dodger day.  Here is the schedule for that!  Some are doing both, I see.  Not me but I am  up on day one, LOL.

Tuesday, January 28th
threads on my socks
How ART you?
Den syende himmel
Moosestash Quilting
life, quilts and a cat too   <<THAT's ME>>

Thursday, January 30th
Just Let Me Quilt
Quilted Delights
Hill Valley Quilter
Pampered Pettit
Life in the Scrapatch
Seams To Be Sew

Monday, February 3rd
Elizabeth Coughlin Designs
Marjorie's Busy Corner
Shepody Mountain Crafter 
Lydsfire Sewing
Creatin' in the Sticks

Wednesday, February 5th
More Stars in Comanche
Buzzing and Bumbling

Sew and Sow Farm
Purl Buttons Blog

Carretel E Agulha
The Quilting Queen
Pig Tales and Quilts

Friday, February 7th

Pickles Quilting
Made by Me in Red
A Passion for Applique
Living With Purpose
Tipsy Teacup Creations
Sew We Quilt


And as a personal note about the only creative stuff that got done here yesterday was this:

I had gone on the grocery run and DJ said while we were eating lunch "You didn't get me any cookies, did you?"  Well, I don't eat those awful things so he has to tell me if he needs them.  I said if he talked nice to me, I might just bake him some.  I did obviously about 5 dozen of the family favorite Pride of Iowa oatmeal cookies.  Trust me, they like them at quilt guild too, LOL.  

Also we don't normally have flowers in the kitchen either.  Today is our 15th wedding anniversary however.  I told him NOT to get me any flowers as he had paid for the quarter round and door threshholds when we did the flooring---30 bucks worth of that plus what was left of the paint practically.  (I had picked up a little something I thought he could use earlier in the week so no surprises today except for the cards).  After some discussion, we decided to go out tomorrow as it will be less crowded and a little less expensive on a week day at Golden Corral.

Later, I did finish up one foundation pieced block for the Hugs and Kisses Blog Hop.  I know what I am making with the blocks and I will get back to sewing in a bit.  Nope, I don't think I am supposed to share a picture of THAT just yet though we are all basically working with the same three patterns.  It is the what we do with them and the fabric choices that is more a secret, LOL.

Anyway, I spent some time today getting some pictures for my blog hop post.  I am up on Tuesday so I hope you will come on back to see what I have been up to!  Thankfully, we had a warmer day of it and I was able to get some outside shots of my items.  We are headed to another arctic blast again come Tuesday, with the weather dude saying overnight temps in the teens and maybe even single digits.  UHHHH, I live in northeast central Alabama and it is not normally this cold.  If I wanted to freeze, I could have stayed in Illinois!    What a weird winter all across the country!  Stay warm if you are having a similar weather pattern.


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