Jan 5, 2014

Another finish

I got the binding machine finished on this "Revised Chantal" which originally a Debby Kratovil pattern for Blank Quilting.  It is still on her free patterns page HERE but I will not link directly to it as it will open a pdf file.

I admit that this is not that pretty a quilt in pictures.  It looks better close up though when you can see the colors a bit better.  Perhaps it will make someone happy though.  One can hope.

I did a better job on the binding this time putting the binding on the back and pulling it to the front.  I still am not sure just where to set up the walking foot however.  On the back some of the stitching goes into the binding, some in the ditch and some about an 1/8 inch (or gasp, slightly more!) away.  I don't know that I would do this on my own personal quilts but the one good thing is that it is finished.  I laundered it and truthfully, it looks a bit better plus removed the stiffness I had created with the glue process.

SO what is next?   There is a third donation quilt to bind but I am going to do by hand and over time--some quilt meetings coming up after all.   I will re-do the modified Puss in the Corner block for my Farmers Wife Inspired Sampler.  Then I will get busy on my blog hop items.  Both hops actually.  I have a good reason to get them moved along and shut down the "shop" for a bit.

Recently DJ and I were talking and I mentioned not for the first time, that I would love to carpet removed from my sewing room and laminate or that type of flooring put down.  He said "you have some money to pay for it" so essence I could go for it.  Then did he think he and I could do the job or hire it out?  He is still recovering from surgery and that might be pushing it a bit.  Then there is all the stuff that is in every nook and cranny of this 10 x 10 foot room.  That part is a little daunting plus I would not want to have to move this big office desk out of the room.  The rest I could deal with finding other nooks and crannies here in the house or in the utility shed.  We already talked my taking things out there and stacking them before lawn mowing season would start.

This afternoon I went across the lane to talk to our neighbor.  I know that his wife had said that Robert had laid their flooring when they first moved in.  Since he does seasonal work, would he be interested in a business proposition?  We worked out the details, I showed him the room and said I would get it all emptied out except for maybe the desk--scoot it from one side to the other---as the floor goes down.  He'll rip up the carpet and dispose of it.  I'll purchase the supplies.  His son and his bride had recently finished putting down flooring in their kitchen and living room so we went over to see it and talked to them about it.

I moved a few things tonight already, LOL.  DJ knows me and said that I would probably want to do it all in one day or do it all "right now"  Well, not quite but I did need to see what exactly would fit in one corner of my bedroom that I was counting on. I can still go up higher though!!  I see that this gives me the opportunity to do a bit of purging at least of my desk.  Some other surfaces were cleared off for other smaller items. Some things will be moved at the last minute, like the computer.  I know DJ is not going to want stuff piled up in his bedroom or blocking his TV access.  He may have no choice, LOL.

So that's the story---lots of work but worth it.

BTW, I did update my tabs showing the finished items for 2013 in retrospect and also my quilting plans for 2014 with personal, pro bonos and gifties.  If you are interested in any of that, click on the tabs atop the posts.


  1. You will be soooo happy when it's done! I had my carpet replaced in a bedroom and my sewing room. I LOVE it! It was a lot of work but so worth it. Good luck.

  2. I agree with Linda!! I have carpet in the bedrooms and laminate throughout the rest of the house. I LOVE it - it is SO easy to clean - sweep and/or damp mop - that's it!! Just be careful when you are sitting on a chair with casters and reach down to pick up something up off the floor - the chair might "scoot" right out from under you - ask me how I know - ;))

    1. LOL, actually I did fall off the chair the other day when I leaned over too far to get a notebook off one of the low shelves. Between the carpet and my own personal padding all I hurt was my pride, But I'll keep that in mind!

  3. Congrats on the renovation, I am sure you will love not having carpet to catch thread and pins, and easy clean up too. Enjoy!


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