Jan 7, 2014


Another shelving unit has been dealt with today along with part of another, leaving just the third one that has some odds and ends on it that I will still need in order to work on my blog hop items.  DJ was kind enough to help me unload and load all the pattern notebooks and magazines, etc that fill a total of 3 shelves.  THX, Honey!  Oh, this one is "decapitated by one shelf at this point too, LOL.  I would have taken off another but saw no point in moving all the stuff already on it.  (Do it later.)

 I reached the saturation point in my bed room storage.  Thankfully, DJ offered a few spots where I could tuck a few things without totally inconveniencing him.  I have another little spot scoped out from my thread containers too.  SO I have not had to use my bathtub or my car trunk other than temporarily, LOL.  Basically, it is just down to the files in my desk and file cabinet and emptying out the bottom of the TV stand. My cutting/pressing table will be needed for a bit longer and that surface can be cleared quickly.

 DJ and I also had a discussion about where the TV stand and file cabinet could be held while the work is being done.  BUT that is absolutely last minute moving there.  One holds the printer which I may need.  The TV, I could live without as I often don't even turn it on till the evening hours.  Robert thought he could work around the large office desk but I need it to be lighter to move!  I don't even know how we managed to get that thing in here in the first place!

 I am going to sew today though--I promised myself that.  How odd that I am facing right up to the wall instead of the book shelf.  So what is on tap?  One block that I will foundation piece--modified Puss in the Corner.  It is a re-do for some less than stellar piecing on my first attempt.  I forget what I had done before to modify it but probably eliminated some extra lines and such.  This is also not original to the quilt either but that is why I term it "inspired by".  Not making an exact duplicate of the cover quilt.  This should not take all that long and I need to start working on the hop item (s).

It is supposed to be warmer tomorrow so I am hopeful that DJ and I can get out to look at flooring.  We were down to 7 this morning by our thermometer and I think it is 20 now, mid afternoon with the sun shining.  Others in the country have had it far worse with blizzard like conditions.  Isn't that how you define a blizzard--below freezing temps, winds of probably a certain mph and snow?  We had some flurries yesterday but nothing that stuck.  The grass is all crunchy though.  They say we have not had this arctic cold down here, with one digit lows since 1996, before we moved down here.  Record rains in 2013 and record cold this year?  I have not resorted to baking yet to warm the house but I did promise him I would make pizza tonight as I have some Italian sausage links thawed.  Poor DJ is still waiting for breakfast muffins or quick bread.

And sew it goes--------

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