Jan 17, 2014

research on that letter L challenge

When in doubt, pull out the crayons?  That box of 96 is looking really pristine whereas, the tin of crayons are a little bit more beat up.   I had these on hand when my nieces and nephews and my husband's grandson were little.   I was trying to narrow down just what shades lavender and lime green were.  Periwinkle is also known as lavender blue, did you know that?  Actually, I learned a whole lot more about color this morning, thanks to a few links shared by fellow blogger and Facebook friends.

Yesterday after I posted here, I commented to the perennial Facebook question “what is on your mind?” with “quilt blocks and the letter L challenge” .  One of my friends from quilt guild said to let her know if I came up with anything for the letter K.  I found her note soon after I had read an email from my lefthanded quilter friend which included the following link
http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_are_some_colors_that_begin_with_the_letter_L  (just sub out your own first letter of your name in place of the L)

That was a start for helping my friend get passed something besides Khaki. Then I got to thinking that perhaps some of the other guild members might be struggling with the same thing.  I am also 1/2 of the guild webmistresses and prepared a post.  The following is part of what I wrote.  

Reading the list was fine BUT just what are those colors??  I searched some more, LOL

Scroll down for the "colors in nature" if you are having trouble visualizing a particular shade (OR use ctrl +F and type the name in the search box to zero in.)

OR you can search by wikipedia by color---here are two of the L examples

OR you can pull out the crayon box, like I did, without getting into all that color theory and those hex decimal, RGB charts but I have a link for that too if you need a color reminder.

Susan from Patchwork Reflections suggested the color lemon yellow when she commented and sent on this link for an alphabetized list of some colors.

Another pal from bloggerland and Facebook just found me an even better link for an Alphabetical Color List though the entries are a little limited.

I found this one later   http://xona.com/colorlist/ that has more color names

That was half the question Kay had.  She needed quilt blocks too, or so I thought. 

Another source of free blocks online provided you have a block name is http://freequiltpatterns.blogspot.com/2009/03/free-quilt-patterns.html

OR Google for block images for some block names I listed above. (Kitty Corner quilt block, for example).  You may see several patterns with the same name just as I did in BlockBase but there might just be something that trips your trigger, LOL. 

My mom read my post, called me this morning with “lilac, lavender and lemon yellow” but she also has a pattern in her files to share with me.  Loop de Loop or something like that.  One of my local pals Gene who paints suggested using the colors in nature --think irises.  Keep them coming!

I have done some preliminary work on my blog hop project for the door stop hop but had to make a Hobby Lobby run this morning for a few supplies needed to complete it.  Time to get busy on it!  Skyler got me up at 5 so you would think I would have more done, but I don't!

And sew it goes---------

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  1. it sounds like this challenge is proving to be a lot of fun! can't wait to see what you end up with


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