Jan 15, 2014

That's done!

Upon arising yesterday, I knew that I would stay home from Bama Belles and try to get this room reno and rearranging done.  Bev and I had talked earlier in the week to be sure she could be the doorkeeper should I not make it.  I have missed very few meetings in the last 14 years and appreciate her standing in for me.

I had all the components moved in and put away late Monday but I knew that the sewing room closet needed some attention as did the peg board above the pressing/cutting area.   I officially declared myself "done" sometime after supper last night.   I can't say that I have ever vacuumed and swept floors more in such a short time frame as I have from the 5th through the 14th either, LOL.

One of the Belles had asked if I had a Kaleidoscope ruler she could borrow and I was on a treasure hunt for a Quilt in a Day one I thought I had.  Nope, not on the peg board as I had hoped nor was it in that long ago project box either.  Naturally the project box that it was in was clear down on the bottom of the pile and you had to move a bunch of stuff to get at it.  Well, you would still have to move a few things to get at it even once I cleaned things up!  Small closet and I have to share it with the heat exchange thing.  We do what we must!

did locate a combo ruler that has what she needs though.  I've got about 3 ways to do a 60 degree triangle but a Kaleidoscope is 67.5 degrees.  The one I own is made by Mary Sue Suit.   Her version allows you to cut the "wing" pieces in addition to the triangle with sizes up to 8 inches in height.   I borrowed the graphic from her website.  At one time I think I also had the book she refers to on her website A New Twist on Triangles but I may have sold it on amazon because I cannot find it.

So how are things looking around here?  All moved in and believe it or not, that IS straightened up on the peg board.  It was worse.

Long shot of it for Bev who suggested I consider peg board, LOL.  Her husband has put some up in her newly redone area of her sewing suite.  I say "suite" as they had to expand her existing sewing room to accommodate a long arm set up.   That thing has been up on the wall since we moved here in 1997 but with more things added over the  years. In our old house in the bottom of a split level home,  I had three panels and it sat on the floor serving as a divider between my bed area and the sewing area.  Purses, belts and jewelry were hung on one side and quilt paraphernalia on the other side.   As long as I can find things, I'm fine with it looking a bit cluttered.  Very little of this could go anywhere else, to be honest.

Oh, I had a brainstorm yesterday too.  Well, one of those "why didn't I think of this earlier" deals anyway.  You know those rulers that they did not see fit to put a hanging hole in the acrylic, plexi-glass (whatever they are made of)?  I attached a small binder clip to the edge where it MIGHT have been hung.   It hangs perfectly! Take that, Wonder-cut ruler that I got at the guild garage sale.  Take that too, Attic Window Ruler.  Where there is a will, there is a way, LOL.

Other than some minor paperwork things to do,  I can think of no impediment to working on my door stop blog hop item(s).  Or I might just take a nap.  I'm worn out!  Nothing wrong with waiting one more day and enjoying a clean house for whatever fleeting time that might be.   I don't even have to cook tonight unless I want to.............and I really don't. LOL if I have lunch covered for tomorrow, why would I?

DJ and I have known for some time that our washing machine was probably on its last legs and not worth the expense of repairing it.   The clutch mechanism, we think, was going bad  and you had to put the clothes through a 2nd or 3rd spin for the past few months.  Earlier this week we went to look at the discount appliance place we have used for the stove and refrigerator in the past.  DJ spotted a Whirlpool Cabrio and fell in love.  It was a brand new machine that they had picked up in Atlanta and were selling for $229.  They delivered it yesterday afternoon.  Poor DJ had the honor of painting a good bit of the laundry room while we waited since the laundry rack was out.   It went on its maiden voyage soon after and again this morning.

 I actually think that the machine is smarter that we are!  We had no owner's manual so I went on a hunt for one this morning printing off the salient points for us.  It senses how much water is needed and is touted as needing less water to operate.  There is no old styled big agitator thing either but you are supposed to leave the center plate uncovered.  HUH???  Obviously I did something wrong as my jeans and tshirts spun out really wet.  I was them again as I did not realize that there was a separate dial setting for rinse and spin dry which I COULD have used.   I am not entirely sure that I have the right High Efficiency detergent on hand either but will follow up on that.  We need to find some affresh cleaning tablets for it too since it needs a monthly maintenance-like cleaning as I have heard the LG ones do.

And there you have it-------thx for stopping by.

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