Jan 27, 2014

a coincidence?

Often on the weekend some of my FAB friends and I get together in chat and sew together or at the very least, cheer each other on.  Sewing together across the miles, sharing links that we have found or projects that have caught our eye, touching base after the work week for some of them.

Cher has been on a mission to clear up some donation tops for 2013 and had finished one, featured in THIS POST.    On Sunday she turned her attention to a pile of muddy  fall colored strip sets and some background strips that she thought her boss had passed on to her when the boss moved on from sewing.  I mentioned that I might have something similar to what she described.  One of our former Belles had passed along a good deal of her sewing stuff and some of it is at my house.  Dark colors, good for a boy maybe but definitely not a Cher palette of colors.   Since no pattern was with the materials, she did not know where the maker was headed.  Same with my pile of strips and fabrics.  I was thinking like planned strings half square triangles or maybe Hidden Wells, something along those lines for what I had here particularly because I had some background fabric that went with it.  I would be interested in what she came up with.

SO this morning I find a picture in the mail box----I know she will want to post about her top on her own blog so I cropped the picture

Oh my word!  Take a look at what I have here at home.  It looks like the same strip sets to me!  Too funny after commiserating with her about this weekend.

and the same go with's.  

This is just too much of a coincidence!  Then I remembered that I may very well have sent this on to Cher about this time last year.  She said that she would take one or two of my quilt kits off her hands in an effort to make 13 donation quilts in 2013.  If it was already cut and ready to sew, then it would expedite things.  I know I sent her a Lyn Brown "Cypress" quilt kit---the pattern is for sale now in her Craftsy shop but there is a picture of what I am talking about in THIS POST.  (BTW that Boho Bricks Quilt is pretty neat too.)

What I only vaguely remember is that there were so many strip sets that Anne had made up that we split those and split that gold colored background stuff too----or it may have already been cut strips.  I do not remember at this point.  If I don't remember, then Cher may have just assumed that it came from her bosses' former stash.

For now it all goes back in the storage tower.  I need to get back to my foundation piecing project!


  1. right...it is the same fabrics! so..it came from you and there was only the gold colored fabric to go with it..some strips cut, and a large piece which I plan on cutting binding from as well. mystery solved! thanks for your fabulous memory...all I knew was it was in to -do stack for the kids LOL thanks so much!

  2. Haha - I was wondering as I read your post if it was a case of "great minds thinking alike" or a case of "what goes around, comes around" - ;))


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