Jan 29, 2014

twist, loops and turns/THX and snow days

First let me thank the lovely folks who stopped by my place to see the Door Stop Hop item.  I had a ball making them, learned a few things along the way and reminded myself how much fun it is to make things that are more crafty than quilty.  These two critters just make me smile and if they elicited the same response from you, then so much the better!

You may also be aware that we had weather situation here in Alabama yesterday.  We don't get snow often but when we get anything collectible it is usually a problem.  I know my friends and family in the Midwest won't understand how 2-3 inches of snow could paralyze the state but it does. It started around 10 or so and kept up for 4-5 hours.  Dry powdery stuff, not the snowball packing kind.  Not that windy either but I think the sleet-y stuff froze and then the snow came.

The roads are often hilly and winding with  deep ditches and a ton of trees so it won't melt off quickly.  There are no snow plows to speak of either.  Or salt trucks like we had in Illinois.  They do spread some sand but they cannot get to all areas where there are slick spot quickly enough to spread it.  The weather dudes in missed the prediction of just where the bands of dusting/ 1-2 inches/3 or more were going to be by about 125 miles.  The kids went to school rather than cancelling to begin with.   People went to work.  When they realized that they missed the forecast and were going to send them home a few hours early it really was too late.  The interstates were iced over and turned into virtual parking lots. The parents left to pick up their kids--some did and some got stuck out on the interstates and secondary roads.  It was taking hours and hours for folks to get home if they did at all.  Some were stranded at work and some kids and teachers spent the night at the schools.  A real mess.  Believe it or not, it was worse in the SOUTHERN half of the state where there was less elevation a factor.  Who knows how many accidents?  I know there were some fatalities down near Montgomery, a good 100 miles south of us.

Here in Calhoun County---the midsection of the state roughly on a line from Birmingham to Atlanta and I-20--we were expecting a dusting and got 2 inches according to my crude measuring device.  That is a 6 inch ruler atop my car, right at the 4 inch mark.   While early on I was afraid that I might have jumped the gun on cancelling our Bama Belles meeting, I am so glad that I did go with my gut of "what happens if they get it wrong and the girls come anyway."  That line of demarcation they suggested was just below I-20 about 30 miles or so and too close for comfort to me!

The view out the kitchen window in early afternoon

This was taken around noon and the car was covered but not as much as it would be.  I about fell on the carport heading out to my pantry closet.

So today dawns with snow still in place though maybe clearing a bit on the road. The sun is out but it was only 11 degrees when we got up.  Only up to 19 now as I write this but the temps are going to rise to more reasonable, seasonal levels by the weekend.  If it does melt, is it going to refreeze or get slushy and still freeze?  Thankfully, we don't have to go anywhere.  DJ had a doctor's appointment yesterday but they called to cancel it but rescheduled for tomorrow.  Who knows?  I just wish I had picked up some eggs when I was at the store Monday.  Yeah the old cliche--stock up on milk, bread and eggs, LOL.  We are not going to starve but it may change my menu plan a bit for the want of an egg.

Moving on:
Susan from patchwork reflections emailed a pinterest link this morning and said that "this looks a lot like your block.  It is called Celtic Twist"  The link sent me to http://madebychrissied.blogspot.com/2013/02/were-gonna-do-twist-and-it-goes-like.html.    The pattern is from McCall's Quilting and they do have a pdf file if you are interested.  The McCall's link will take you there.)   Apparently this chrissie's NYC Metro Mod Quilt Guild explored this last year as their February Bee block.

I told Susan I would draw it up in EQ to see what happens when you join actual blocks.  Let's contrast the two blocks---my modified version of Mr. Roosevelt's Necktie

Celtic Twist---okay draw a magic line horizontally and vertically separating into 4 quarters----looks like just an extended version of Roosevelt's Necktie to me.  An old block revamped.  I colored it the colors I might use if I were to make this for my challenge quilt.  You want rainbow colors then I'll share a coloring sheet with you--just ask.

And what happens with you join these things?  Really the whole quilt is just alternating Bright Hopes (twisti blocks) and Snowballs again---features of Around the Twist.  That is not new either only it is set horizontally, rather than on point.  Okay, 12 inch blocks 4 x 6 set 48 x 72 without borders but ugh, joining lines.

Then re -drawn in custom set and without lines using the two alternating blocks and half blocks as filler around the periphery.  Looks a little cleaner to me.  In my opinion, make a Celtic Twist block if that is all you are going to make---one block for a sampler or to learn a technique or something.  A whole quilt?  You may want to revisit your construction method and see the one below but I may be wrong, LOL.

Stay warm you all!


  1. Is there a pattern available for the dog and cat "door stops" or did you wing it and make your own? They are absolutely darling!! :-)


    1. Mary you came back as no reply blogger so I hope you will see the message. I am more a pattern tweaker/interpreter so I did use a commercial pattern. The link was in the actual blog hop post so I didn't repeat it here but here you go http://www.cottonginnys.com/catsdogs.html It is called Mini Puffs Cats and Dogs so scroll on down a bit. It finishes about 10 x 10 but she has a larger one as well. I almost picked that pattern instead, LOL. I am glad that you enjoyed them!


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