Jan 11, 2014

moving back in

About 8:30 on Friday, Robert came over to start the flooring project.  Meanwhile DJ and I were unhooking the computer but trying to leave as many cords in place as possible.  I had started unhooking the peripheral pieces before that.  Since we have internet phone service,  I was trying to keep the Vonage box, modem and  the phone in place till the last possible minute.  DJ grabbed the processor and I grabbed all those and the strip plug and just dumped it on his desk like a huge rat's nest.

It took about 30 minutes to get the rug and most of the under-layment up.  DJ and Robert teamed up to get the tack strips up.  Meanwhile to keep out of the way, I went off to the kitchen and baked some Oatmeal Scotchies and did a lunch run for sandwiches when it was time for a break.

I am not sure what time the bulk of the work was done.   The doors were re-hung and the door thresh hold stuff was down before everyone called it a day.  I was able to put the stuff that hangs on both doors last night.  Re-hung the drapes that I had laundered.  DJ finished off the evening by painting the base boards all around the periphery of the room.  (He had done all the touch up painting on Thursday as I had hoped he would).   Earlier Robert had taken the paint across the lane to paint the quarter round trim board stuff so it would be ready to be put down today.

So essentially all the work was done by lunch time today when Robert said "okay, Linda, you can move back in".  LOL.  I got the bookshelves re-assembled---two of them were just missing the top shelf while one I had completely taken apart.  I got smart on the others plus one was holding all those notebooks!!  The notebooks are out of the living room and mostly back on the shelves.  DJ helped me untangle the nest of wires, move the desk into position and carry the file cabinet back in.  Later I asked him to help with the pressing/cutting table that we had  hauled out to the shed.

To my amazement I didn't have to jump through a lot of hoops to get Vonage up.  Initially, my phone was the only phone in the house that would not work but I've got it straightened out now.   Apparently I have also plugged my speakers into the wrong spot as I have no sound.  There are 6 holes in the back where it might fit and I didn't think it wanted to insert into the digital holes.  I'll crawl down under the desk in a bit to try another slot---as soon as I work up some energy to get down on my belly with the flashlight.

It took 4 days to get the room emptied out.  I've made good strides this afternoon already but there is no need to work till I drop or almost every muscle or joint is screaming. I'm shooting for Monday completion. Because I knew we be done sometime today,  I did not go to Friendship Quilters today but I still have hopes to make my Bama Belles meeting.

I'll get pictures later but I think you will understand that I'm a bit busy, LOL.  I did not get my blog hop items even cut out so must get cracking since my feature day is coming up on the 28th and around Feb. 12th or so for the other item.

And sew it goes-----


  1. Sounds like you had a FUN weekend - haha - ;))

  2. ah...the complete story here...oh my what a job you managed to accomplish! I know you are happy to have it done and will continue to put stuff away now.
    hurray for a big job behind you!

  3. glad you are basically done with this fabulous new floor job! I am sure you will be happier now , new flooring will be so much easier to clean .


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