Jan 8, 2014

Day 4 of the move out

The sewing table is still up but not for long!  The room is essentially emptied out except for the wall mounted items, the desk which is all emptied and the computer.  I hesitate to do anything more with the computer as we use an internet phone---last minute, it is.   I still need to vacuum as I moved out the last book shelf.  He helped me with the TV stand and the file cabinet once I emptied them out.  Hooray for empty luggage there!

DJ and I went to look at flooring and I found what I wanted.  A russet oak laminate that is similar to the kitchen, a bit of a redder cast to it though.  5 boxes later, it is parked on the floor near the foot of his bed.  48 hours worth of acclimating to the house temperature is what is recommended.  Robert knowing about DJ's surgery carried it in.   It looks like we/he can plan on getting started on taking up the carpet on either Friday or Saturday.  I told DJ that one of us needs to do the touch up painting first.   I think if I bake him those muffins or make that potato soup he mentioned he will do it.

The only other thing we need to purchase is that strip you put on the floor between the carpet and the flooring and the trim boards.  Not sure what linear footage was needed and we had not measured the door openings either.

SO........  Looks like it is all a go! It is possible that I will miss guild and my own quilt group meeting trying to get things back to normal around here.  I should have plenty of time to do the blog hop entry immediately after I can get a few things back in here but knowing me, the whole room will be set to rights first, LOL.

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  1. I think that baking muffins and/or making potato soup is a fair trade for having DJ do the touch-up painting - ;)) It was nice of Robert to do the heavy lifting for him, too. Just think - next week this time - you'll have a NEW FLOOR!! - ;))


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