Jan 21, 2014

more on the L---UPDATED

I've been busy today but I am not entirely sure doing just what, LOL.  I was looking at patterns on quilting treasures this morning, downloading a few of them.  I wound some bobbins for the door stop #2 project.  (I finished #1 last night except for some minor embellishment).  Posted a couple things on Facebook, checked a few things on Pinterest and read a few blogs. Ordered a replacement USB cord for my camera  (costs a nickel and mails for almost three bucks).  I ran an errand in town, did a load of laundry.  All told between two meals and getting a few things ready ahead of a turkey dinner tomorrow night,   I spent a good bit of time in the kitchen.   Nothing exciting, just a regular old day.

AND the mail lady came by---with a block diagram that my mom had found in response to the L challenge ideas I had posted the other day.   This is called "Loop the Loop".   Do you see the little paper ones she printed off for me to play with?  Cool!  She found it in 120 Patterns for Traditional Patchwork by Maggie Malone.  I have not found anything like it Blockbase yet so who knows where the author found it?

Mom suggested lemon yellow, lime green, lilac and lavender and white.  It could work!  THX for thinking of me.  Now that I see the picture of what she told me about on the phone, I could see the block divisions and how it might go together.  Parts of it could be strip pieced plus I think I could play with the block intersections and change out the many lines.  For now I just committed it to file in EQ and will play with it a bit more before I consider myself done with it.  Print it off and see where the sections break down is a starting point.

Mom said her feelings would not be hurt if I don't commit this project to cloth but you know, I might just do try it.  I know I have some of the fabrics on hand in that coloration.  Bet no one else would make one like this either!

I love getting quilty mail.  This came Saturday from my lefthanded quilter friend.  I swapped her some plaid fabrics and I knew that she was sending some sail boat foundation pieces but she also packed in the stars, cats and dogs and airplanes.  Woohoo! and thank you, my friend.

The sail boats may work in that baby quilt for the "great baby" due in July.

Look at this silly kitty.  He is absolutely in love with this wool throw.  Anytime he sees DJ in his recliner he finds his spot between the legs and curls up.  It is not unusual to see one or both of them sacked out.  If DJ leaves the throw on the back of the recliner folded up, he gets up behind DJ's head and sits there on it.  Thing is, it is my throw and something I picked up on a long ago trip to the Amana Colonies.  As attached as these two are to it, I guess I should just pass custody of it.  DJ would tell you he does his best napping under this cozy thing.  Me?  Makes me itch, LOL.

Well, I still have some vague idea that I am going to sew a bit this evening.  Get started on that 2nd project.  I said I had practiced on the first one so I might just know a bit more about the job ahead of me for round 2.  If I quit goofing off, it might happen sooner too, LOL.  We are having another one of those super cold snaps again (for us) for a few days so it is a most excellent time to stay in and sew.

THX for stopping by--------

UPDATE:  1-22

OR here is a lighter version but I still want to tweaking this some more to get those extra line sections out of there.  OR not, LOL.  Still have all the requisite colors  Lemon yellow, lime green, lilac and lavender but toss in some white.  What do you think??

First, I need to fix a boo boo from last night's sewing.  Scarves have fringe on BOTH ends not just one. You'll see next week why I am sewing yarn on some fabric.


  1. I like the loop the loop pattern! I can see big rings in it (like wedding rings) intertwined, yellow ones and purple ones.

  2. It looks like a Garden Twist variation. I like it alot! I can see there would be many many color variations that would look great in this pattern. Can't wait to see what you pick.

    1. You know, I believe you are right! THX Beth.

      I can see sections that look like twists and sections that look like snowballs! What is normally a larger section called Bright Hopes is more compact. And the snowball is more like a quarter of one.

      Because I have to use some L named colors for this it might look a whole lot like version two but stay tuned!


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