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twist, loops and turns/THX and snow days

First let me thank the lovely folks who stopped by my place to see the Door Stop Hop item.  I had a ball making them, learned a few things along the way and reminded myself how much fun it is to make things that are more crafty than quilty.  These two critters just make me smile and if they elicited the same response from you, then so much the better!

You may also be aware that we had weather situation here in Alabama yesterday.  We don't get snow often but when we get anything collectible it is usually a problem.  I know my friends and family in the Midwest won't understand how 2-3 inches of snow could paralyze the state but it does. It started around 10 or so and kept up for 4-5 hours.  Dry powdery stuff, not the snowball packing kind.  Not that windy either but I think the sleet-y stuff froze and then the snow came.

The roads are often hilly and winding with  deep ditches and a ton of trees so it won't melt off quickly.  There are no snow plows to speak of either.  Or s…

Day 1 "Don't Let the Door Stop You" Blog Hop

I hope you enjoyed hopping for the first day of "She Who Sews" on Monday.  This time around the two hops will be alternating and this will go through Friday, February 7th despite what you see above in the banner.   We are lead in both hops by our cheerleader Carla of Creatin' in the Sticks and our head honcho Mdm. Samm.  THX to you both and our hop sponsors!
Thanks for stopping by today and please pop over to see my fellow bloggers on our featured day.  Here is the list for today:

Tuesday, January 28th
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life, quilts and a cat too   <<THAT's ME>>
And here is what I made to share with your today.  I believe, Mdm. Samm said to think "pincushions on steroids"?  Well, you know me and cats!  I found Cotton Ginny's "Mini Puffs" Cats and Dogs to be right up my alley!  These are not so "mini" though as they finish about 10 x 10.  It is made with the wool/acrylic blen…

a coincidence?

Often on the weekend some of my FAB friends and I get together in chat and sew together or at the very least, cheer each other on.  Sewing together across the miles, sharing links that we have found or projects that have caught our eye, touching base after the work week for some of them.

Cher has been on a mission to clear up some donation tops for 2013 and had finished one, featured in THIS POST.    On Sunday she turned her attention to a pile of muddy  fall colored strip sets and some background strips that she thought her boss had passed on to her when the boss moved on from sewing.  I mentioned that I might have something similar to what she described.  One of our former Belles had passed along a good deal of her sewing stuff and some of it is at my house.  Dark colors, good for a boy maybe but definitely not a Cher palette of colors.   Since no pattern was with the materials, she did not know where the maker was headed.  Same with my pile of strips and fabrics.  I was thinking li…

2 blog hops in 1 time frame

Mdm. Samm our head cheerleader from sewwequilt is being assisted by Carla of Creatin' in the Sticks with TWO blog hops over the next week or so, run alternating days.  We start tomorrow, Monday  January 27th and the whole deal wraps up on February 7th.

The first is She Who Sews and I'll post that schedule first:

Monday, January 27
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Wednesday, January 29th
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Friday, January 31st
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Tuesday, February 4th
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Thursday, February 6th
Lixie Makes It
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Still playing

Today's play date with EQ, LOL.

When I first saw that Loop the Loop block in the previous post, I initially thought of the block called Mr. Roosevelt's Necktie.  Quilter's Cache has one and I am using their image.  You can see the quarter snow balls but not the Bright Hopes or Twist block portion.

Then here is much the same block but I revised it for less pieces and recolored it

Long ago I had cut a kit and did one block and portions of a block for a block called Y Bridge on the World Wide Quilting Page, a block of the month of 1998-99.  My printouts read February 19, 2000 and were stuck in the project box.  I had it drawn up in EQ at the time but cannot find the project file at this point.

BlockBase does not list a block called Y bridge but really it is just a variation of that Mr. Roosevelt's Necktie.  Blockbase does show another version though with the same name.  LOL, they often do.  #2534.  How do you even piece that?? Avoid miters at all costs!

 So I set to r…

Adapted Loop the Loop AKA adapting patterns

You just knew I was going to fiddle with that "Loop the Loop" letter L challenge quilt some more, didn't you?  I thought later today but EQ was singing its siren song, LOL.

Really this pattern does intrigue me.  My mom called a bit ago and she admits to see the possibilities as did Susan of patchwork reflections who I know is looking for a Wedding Ring styled quilt but without the curves and all the wedge segments.  Beth of bzyqltr commented this morning on my previous post
" It looks like a Garden Twist variation.  I like it alot!  I can see there would be many color variations that would look great in this pattern.  Can't wait to see what you pick." You know, she is right!  When you look a little closer at the original block, you see a more compacted version of a Bright Hopes block along with a quarter Snowball block.  That really is all that a typical "Around the Twist" quilt is, alternating blocks of those two blocks.  You can use more color…

more on the L---UPDATED

I've been busy today but I am not entirely sure doing just what, LOL.  I was looking at patterns on quilting treasures this morning, downloading a few of them.  I wound some bobbins for the door stop #2 project.  (I finished #1 last night except for some minor embellishment).  Posted a couple things on Facebook, checked a few things on Pinterest and read a few blogs. Ordered a replacement USB cord for my camera  (costs a nickel and mails for almost three bucks).  I ran an errand in town, did a load of laundry.  All told between two meals and getting a few things ready ahead of a turkey dinner tomorrow night,   I spent a good bit of time in the kitchen.   Nothing exciting, just a regular old day.

AND the mail lady came by---with a block diagram that my mom had found in response to the L challenge ideas I had posted the other day.   This is called "Loop the Loop".   Do you see the little paper ones she printed off for me to play with?  Cool!  She found it in 120 Patterns…