Jun 22, 2015

BHM Quiltfest 2015, part 1

I have tried to take a picture of the quilt and the notecard on them though I don't know if you will be able to read them without a magnifying glass. The show booklet gives just the basket information-- Category Number, Name, who pieced it and who quilted it. The "fun" comments, who designed it or pattern source or what led them to make the quilt was applied to the quilt. By "fun" I mean the woman who made a quilt for her first granddaughter in early 2000's but sadly was still waiting for the receipient. That might mean that she has only grandsons or no grands yet. Another that tickled me was "I started (fill in the blank) Block of the Month and it took 10 years" or words to that effect. Who hasn't done something like that? Another was a comment about the color scheme---quilt was crimson red and white AKA University of Alabama colors---she was an Auburn fan and the quilt was called "Color Blind". That one might be in the 2nd (or 3rd) batch as I don't know how many Blogspot will let me post.

I may not be able to remember the pattern source or read the cards either but I'll do my best to give credit to the maker and the pattern source.  The fact that they are "backwards" in the computer folder to how I took them is a little confusing!  LOL.

A Cozy Quilt Pattern called Milky Way by Lura Campbell.  Strip pieced, she said

Celtic Soltice--one of those Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilts with a billion pieces.  I think a mystery quilt. The maker Stephanie Newman said it was a BH pattern.

Carol Dye, the maker of "Zippers" had two quilts made in this pattern, the other with a chocolate brown background.  This was a light gray.  Source not given but I think maybe M'liss Rae Hawley has it in one of the fat quarter books OR Missouri Star Quilt Company see HERE

Here's that "Color Blind" quilt I mentioned by Lorrie Thomas

There were three Farmers Wife Sampler quilts hung together.  One picture was far too fuzzy to share.  That and my camera battery died so I had to use the phone camera to take some of these.  This had a lot of polka dots and bright fabrics in it.  Honorable Mention ribbon for Lorrie Thomas.

Another FWS but I didn't get the card picture taken and can't figure it out from the show book.  Sorry about that.

This one is called "Martha's Joy" by Gail Dunn.  1st place ribbon for Bed Pieced Duet.  Features some fantastic cross stitch squares

This one followed Bonnie Hunter's example of using men's shirts for the fabrics.  Lorrie Thomas "Blue Heaven"

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  1. Thank you for sharing pictures. I only know one other Lorrie that spells it the same as me! She is much more productive than I am!


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