Jun 24, 2015

Dog Day Afternoon

Look at these two live wires, LOL.  As I start to write this post it is 91 degrees at 6:15 pm and the heat indices factoring in humidity, it feels like 99 degrees.  Blamed hot!   Oscar had insisted on going out around 4 and was panting like crazy on our return from the stroll on the lane.  He flopped on the kitchen floor right in front of his bed for awhile.  This is the current view.

Skyler has abandoned both of his window perches AND the kitchen chair I could not keep him off of for days on end.  If the front door is open, he sits there or near my shoes by the entertainment center.  The other main spot is the foot of the master bed and specifically, on a quilt I have folded there. ( My antique bowtie that I sometimes use on my bed in the summer.)  I like it because it is light weight and the sunny yellow background.  Not sure why Skyler is so attached to it all the sudden.   Next week it will be something different!

My Bama Belles group met yesterday.  I left a little early and because of the heat, let Oscar loose in the kitchen while I was away.  He would not get up, eat or go out before I left which was a little odd.  I figured he needed access to his food and water and I'd clean up any puddles but he was a good boy!

 Usually Bev and I arrive first as we are the ones with the key and keep each other company but she was out of town.  Shawnee and Linda arrived shortly after I did and hit the pinning table pinning a top towards Shawnee's "quilt a month" goal.  Jane, Lois and Beverly came along later.  Beverly is working on a quilt with some of her mother's hankies that will be passed on to family members.  Jane was helping at the pinning table and Lois had a pretty log cabin quilt arranged in my favorite medallion set.  I was cutting!

I got all the blue 6 1/2 inch squares cut before I left.  I messed up on my counting method at some point and over-cut BUT I have enough if I decide to make an 9 x 10 set instead of 9 x 9.  The quilt below "Cheese and Crackers" measures 92 x 99 and fits the master bed well but minus a pillow tuck.  An extra row might be good.

Later in the evening after I got Oscar in bed I went into the sewing room and cut my way through the whites and creams.  There were less to play with than the blues--10 fabrics and a bit of a leftover fat quarter that yielded about 7 squares.  A couple pieces were just half yards so a little short for cutting 18 from each one.   I have enough even if I do go with the extra row.

Norma, Cher and I plan to sew this weekend and since we are doing a Disappearing 4 patch, we had talked about cutting ahead of time and maybe even starting on the huge four patches.  I'm thinking that I might drag my little sewing table into the living room as I hate sewing at the kitchen table.  It is just too blamed hot for me to have Oscar stay outside while I sew.  Just a temporary measure.   Move the couch down towards the fireplace wall and move the lamp and it might work.   And I might actually get some sewing done.

The only thing I've sewn since the Monday sew-in on the 15th is sew a casing in an old outfit and insert new elastic--and I did THAT yesterday morning before I fed the critters and left for quilting.   Here is said outfit with shorts that match the kitty top.  Back in 2001 or so.  DJ was teasing me about something or another,  he thought it was funny anyway though I'm smiling too.  I said the outfit was old but I can wear it again!

I also need to whip up a pillowcase or two for a guild project.  Jane asked me to go with her next Wednesday to deliver them when small group meets.  I've got one on the shelf they can have as it has never been used with cute fabric, it being a quilt shop kit.  I am trying to think of what yardage I have enough of for the body of a standard pillow case that would be appropriate for girls.  I might be cutting again in about 30-45 minutes,  Oscar's in about 8 pm.

And sew it goes-----stay cool!


  1. This heat has been unrelenting. I hear we may have a break this weekend. Let's hope that it will happen.

  2. love the title! Good pic of you and DJ, love the kitty top. Clicked on your Cheese and Crackers link - it looks like a fun quilt to make. I like the idea of moving your sewing table, get more done that way. Like you say - stay cool!

  3. I can't wait to see your D4P. Holy hot dog...I hope you get some cool weather soon!


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