Jun 3, 2015

this and that

I think I know what I may piece next--this little quilt kit from Connecting Threads that using their Hampton Hues line though I bought more of the chevron piece to be sure to have plenty of binding, the width I want it to be.  The pattern "Merry-Go-Round" included in the kit is by Terry Atkinson, one of my favorite designers.  Should be fun to try.  My fellow Atkinson Designs nut, Norma already made her version for a guild challenge and beat me done!  I have not been rewarded yet if it remains a kit after purchase last fall.

I am not sure why I am so fascinated by hexagons lately!  It might be because I have my version of Thimble Blossoms "Juggle" sitting on the loveseat and I look at it often and think about making another one but bigger.  It might be because I have Marti Michell's Six is for Hexagon sitting on my coffee table.  Inner City catches my eye but so does Millwheel and I still cannot find my Texas Trellis mega pattern either!  She has a neat way of doing Seven Sisters too---where you use a larger and smaller 60 degree equilateral triangle rather than a traditional method.  I hope this shows up on the borrowed image below from this link  https://www.pinterest.com/pin/268527196504370198/       I might get brave and try it, LOL---someday.  Hexagons, the bigger the better IMHO.


I was still digging for treasure yesterday.  I dug out the hiding dark blues from the bins on the sewing room shelving.  I tried to combine it with the container that houses Massachusetts Cross and Crown, a Marsha McCloskey design from her book On to Square Two.  (It is the cover quilt actually).   With two pieces of larger yardage, I could not get the thing closed.  Some went back where I found it but I am hoping that some cutting for the proposed Blue and Light Disappearing 4 Patch (D4P) will make some room in there!!

I think I told you about this being a pass around quilt with one of my small quilt groups in central IL.  It was like a trip back in time digging around in the box!  16 friends participated in this round.  Some are no longer with us.  The year was 1993 into 1994.  Yes, this is an ancient UFO but I have others that are older!  This was the section that I completed and sent around with my travel box.

You see the little notes on the blocks.  Those and the directions I sent to the group suggested several different ways one might do the half square triangles (HST) and quarter square triangles (QST) including the Fons and Porter directions for QST's.  I had templates made, sent along an EZ angle ruler for the HSTs which I used a lot at that time.  The static thing on there was when I used it for my beloved Road to Oklahoma quilt, another pass around project that remains a top.   I had totally forgotten about that speed grid marker thing but I may give that some attention.

 It is a similar type thing to that recent demonstration at the JOY guild  by the gals at P. S. Goin' Sewin'.  (Shannon had developed a template for making the squares and HSTs required to make a 6 inch finished Jewel Box block or any other combo.  You could use two layer cake sections to get started.)   Somewhere around here I have some block making templates that I picked up in Paducah during the AQS show years ago.   I think with all my foundation piecing stuff along with some foundation stamps that Boline's at Indian Creek used to sell (B-N area vendor).  I'm going to have to go treasure hunting----again!  I think I know where it might be but getting at it is the problem.  Who makes a closet with one itty bitty door instead of bi-folds, for Pete's sake?   Just try to get at anything in the way back of the closet--I dare ya!

It looks like I have 74 or 75 blocks done.  These are nine inch blocks.  The sashing bits are two inch finished.  I think I know what it is those bags but didn't want to dig through them---ugh!  Part of the reason why the container wouldn't close, those things.

As I was looking through the blocks and counting, several had "Mom" written on the back in the seam allowances.  I counted 5 and had asked for 3 or 4.  That blue fabric is sort of a joke between Mom and I.  It was once a sundress I had made to wear.  Loosely fitting, my mom got to looking at it for the yardage as the print went so well with something she had been making.  She got the dress!

I should also tell you that this is a case of history repeating itself.  This Young Man's Fancy was made by my great-grandmom and passed on to me by my materal grandmother.  The family story is that Great-Grandmom had always wanted to make this quilt and years later she made it in two colors, a soft blue and a print.  It has faded a good bit so it almost looks like a whole cloth quilt but the picture below might show it a bit better as it is used in the borders.
Well, apparently she ran out of that print fabric and word is, my grandmother had to give up her dress that was made from that same print in order for it to be completed.  You know how full skirted those used to be.   It was hand quilted by a local church group in Nebraska.

This was something else that I discovered stuck up on the shelves.  I sort of remember putting it there but the origin is a little fuzzy.  Lois will have to help me remember BUT I think 6 or 7 of the BOM packets came from Linda C in a box she mailed to Lois.  I took them as I knew I had a packet here at home from the Friendship Guild sew-in packets or library or some such thing.  It is the 2004 Hancock's Quilter's Sampler Party.   I had put my packet in one of my notebooks the other day so dug it out and dug through the bag these were in to organize the rest in its own notebook.  Turns out there are 3 blocks completed and another that just needs the sections joined.   I found the missing ones on ebay.  No way will I find the fabrics they used for framing the blocks and doing the borders but eventually this can be finished in some manner.  I like the green and peach even though it is probably a little dated.  Think a kid will care?

It's time to think about lunch and I have an errand to run.  Oscar is outside at the present while Skyler already had his second "treat" bite and settled back on his kitchen chair.   I will hate to see how much white belly fur is covering the chair pad!

That's it for today's note---thx for stopping by to see me!


  1. Not to pressure you but I can't wait to see what you do with the blue squares, I love anything blue.

  2. I love the on to square two blocks! Have a good day....and happy hunting through the closet!


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