Jun 22, 2015

BHM Quiltfest, part 2

Round 2 for the Birmingham biennial show

African Bars designed and made by Judy Cloe garnered a first place ribbon in the Original Art category

This tree wall hanging was made by friend Loretta.

Striking with the black background!  "I'll Fly Away"  Jeannine Till Brown   Bed Pieced Duet

"Casting Shadow" by Gerry Moody   Bed Pieced Duet

"Little Pink Houses" by Susan Ramey Cleveland  2nd Place Ribbon "Wall Applique Duet"

I love 30's fabrics!  Too fuzzy to read probably  Called "Square Dance" and is a pattern from Kim Brackett called "Feed Sacks"  in Scrap Basket Surprises.  I have the book so only took a portion of the quilt.

This quilt was given the NQA Award of Merit by the judge of the show.  Called "A-MAZE-ING" by its maker Susan Reeves.

I liked the on point set and the stars in the sashing but have no other information.  Sorry about that.

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