Jun 22, 2015

BHM Quiltfest 2015, part 3

More of the quilts that captured my eye but have not managed to propel me into the sewing room----yet!

"Harlequin Fantasy" by Gail Dunn, Honorable Mention, Bed Pieced Duet

"Merry Christmas" by Jeanne Welsh  Honorable Mention in Wall Applique Duet 

This was a gorgeous quilt "Butterflies Are Free" and a second place ribbon for Jeannine Till Brown in Bed Applique Duet"

 This was one of the quilts in the Japanese Sister Cities exchange.  Birmingham sent them quilts for their show and the Hitachi, Japan quilters returned the favor.

Tempus Fugit (Time Flies) by Dr. Peggy Rhodes.  This was part of a Crayon Challenge---pull out three crayons without looking and have to use them in a piece.  Honorable Mention in Wall Pieced Solo.  She has written a book and taught at Friendship Quilters on Hexagons.  I missed it though.

Rapid Fire Hunter's Star by Ella Thomas.  (The guild opportunity quilt also used this patterns in blues, greens and teals.  Gorgeous!  Obviously it did not come home to live with me or you would have heard about that on Saturday!)

"Mosaic Patchwork" by Deanna Rae Turner.  Honorable Mention, Bed Pieced Solo.  I was talking to the maker a bit as she was white gloving near there.  I asked her if she had any quilts in the show.  She nodded.  I took my pictures and THEN she told me this lovely quilts was hers and how it came to be.

Another of the Exchange quilts.  Apparently two identical quilts were made and each city has one to display in a place of honor.

This is just a fun and dimensional quilt. " Bags Gone Wild" by Sylvia Gauthier

Awarded 3rd Place in the Group category   "Ladies of the Guild"  Lisa Allen

Now on to part 4.

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