Jun 20, 2015

wondering where I've been?

LOL, I've been wondering the same thing--just what have I been doing with my time in the last 10 days since I posted?  It has rushed on by, somehow.

I'm still committed to walking though this week I had to take two days off due to quilting functions.  ( I'll tell you about that later. ) I've been alternating  6 or 7 laps though one day recently I did 8 rounds for 2.2 miles.  My watch battery died and I had forgotten to click off a lap.  LOL,  I lived.  I come home and walk Oscar in spite of how many laps I've gone.  The watch just verifies that I am keeping up the pace of 0.28 miles per lap in 5 minutes or less.

It has been quite warm and up in the mid 90's for a week with high 60's-low 70's for overnight "lows".   Next week they say high 90's and up to 100 is possible.  Oh, boy!  In years past I used to get out there around 6 a.m. and try to beat the sun.  Not possible now.  You see, when I cannot get to sleep until after 1, 2 (and like last night 3 a.m---ugh!),  there is no way I can get out there any earlier than 7:30, 8 in the morning.   It doesn't help that some of the sun break is gone with the Public Works Dept. taking so many of the trees down but this is a good thing for the residents in the long run.   Turns out they are building a new community center that I assume will replace the old house that is used as the Senior Center.   I see workers out there quite often and will watch this progress.

This past Monday Jane, Aline and I went to the guild sew-in.  The city workers that displaced us the entire month of May from the place we meet are STILL working on the building, tearing up the restrooms apparently.  The President tracked down another venue but they must have events scheduled in the later part of the week so it went on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday instead.  They had a lively bunch of line dancers when we got there but it only lasted an hour.  I sorta missed the music when it stopped, LOL.  We just planned on going the one day as I had a list of mile long of things to do on Tuesday--errands and things at home.

I took my little Hexagon Merry Go Round project and got a little bit of it done but have not touched it since returning home other than to un-pack my stuff a couple days later.   Some of the girls were working on pillowcases as there is a community service project to provid them for the girls at Big Oak Ranch.  Sarah also had kits for cute little Fold-up Fabric Needle Holders from Crafty Lady Lindsay's blog.   I didn't get too far with THAT either and want to replace the felt part with another darker color that I know I have here at home.  Actually, Sarah used two layers so it formed another smaller pocket, I think anyway.  The one she had done was really cute!

So what's been happening?

  • I shot most of a Thursday afternoon a week ago at the gastroenterologist's office.  Enough time as elapsed that I get to have a repeat colonscopy.  I think they forgot about me as I was the absolute last patient to leave the place and the appt was for 1:45.
  • Tuesday I was busy checking little jobs off the list.  
  • Wednesday was the play in the kitchen day and I had to overcome a moment of madness and talk myself out of making zucchini muffins or bread and just put the gratings in the freezer for a cooler day.  My neighbors have a garden this year and I know those zukes are going nuts as I've seen the vines.  I will have to help out with the bounty, LOL.  Some home grown tomatoes were most appreciated too.
  • Thursday turned into update the computer day.  That danged desktop is such a pain compared to the tablet I use.  Takes forever for the stuff in the background to finish up whatever it is doing and open a page, email, program.  Drives me nuts!  
  • Friday, laundry and a little house straightening and a few more errands.  I've got to re-do the casing on  a pair of shorts and kept forgetting to pick up the elastic I needed for the jobs.  That and watch batteries.  Well, not anymore, LOL.  Now to fix the pants so I can wear them.  Kinda fun getting back into my old clothes or some I've not been able to wear but hung on to "just in case". 
Today Jane's husband Hugh had offered to drive us over to the Birmingham Quiltfest 2015 show.  It had started on Friday but today was better for their schedules.  I'll write up another post or two tomorrow to share some pictures with you.  Lord knows, I am not personally getting any sewing done.  I am such a slug though a more space organized one lately, LOL.

This is what we saw when we arrived though Jane and I did hop out of the car to take the pictures as we were leaving.   Rather than let this be a totally picture-less post I hope you enjoy seeing their quilt covered mobile!  I think I've got the photos all uploaded from camera and the phone camera and edited to share.  Silly me did not think about replacing the battery with the recharged one before I grabbed it so I had to finish taking the last row of quilt favorites with the backup method.  

We saw friends from here in Calhoun County from various other groups and from Friendship Quilters too but they are in a nearby county so expected that.  Good show and good selection of vendors.  I got a couple of dark blue fat quarters and some white on white yardage for the Disappearing 4 patch I want to do with pals Norma and Cher, long distance sew-in next weekend.  Oh, and a small Kaleido-Ruler from Marti Michell that a vendor from Vicksburg, MS had.  She said Marti will be teaching a class at their quiltfest event.  We had lunch in Pelham at Applebee's before coming home.  Oscar was stuck in the house in his crate as it had looked like rain/storms which freaks him out.  I felt guilty about it but figured better safe than sorry.  Of course, any rain that might have come evaporated in the heat, no doubt.

It being Father's Day tomorrow let me pass on greetings to my dad.  I love and appreciate you so much.    I barely got to say "hi" last Sunday when Mom picked up so will try to call.

I'm going to get on my jammies and hope that sleep does not elude me again tonight.  I'm tired-------


  1. I hope you slept well last night. Yesterday afternoon -around 5 - we had a huge storm with thunder and lots of rain. I hope Oscar wasn't too frightened.

  2. There is nothing worse then waking up during the night and not being able to fall back asleep. Wouldn't it be great if we could have some kind of system one could check which notifies people we are awake and we could call and talk on the phone. My Aunt says a flag pole would be a great idea but since she lives 5 hrs away there is no hope I'd be able to see it. Hope you have/had a better night.

  3. Sorry that you have been having sleep problems. I did enjoy your quilted van pictures and the story of your outing.


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