Jun 1, 2015

busy day

It has been a busy Monday!

  • I took the day off from lap walking as I had agreed to follow the neighbor to drop off the car and bring Robert home.  However, Glynda had an unexpected cancellation in the shop schedule.  I was up and dressed anyway but depending on when they get the call, I may run him to pick it up. 
  •  I received the articles I needed to complete the guild newsletter, finished that up, emailed it off and posted it on our website.  
  • I'm on the 2nd load of wash now.
  • Got my hair cut.  Glynda did a bit more layering so we'll see how that goes.   It is fine if it takes some of the heaviness out especially around my face.   I just know that curly/wavy headed might be the way to go as once my head gets sweaty, it turns into a version of it anyway, LOL.
  • Walked Oscar twice with one or two more runs scheduled.
  • Got groceries, concentrating on more fruits and veggies
  • Got busy in the kitchen prepping veggies and made another pot of iced tea.  Drink a lot of that when it is this warm and humid, decaf though

I am trying to get more fit.  That's why the walking laps.  Since the 14th of June walking 6 days out of 7 I walked just shy of 30 miles.  Add in the dog trips in the lane average of 3 times a day--sometimes 4 or 5--add another 20 miles.  WOW!  No wonder my joints are wondering "what's up?"  The weight has stabilized, I guess.  I am not losing as much as staying in a holding pattern but hopefully that will move the needle the correct direction soon so I don't get discouraged.

I keep a raw veggie tray at the ready for the afternoon hunger fade. There are some cukes sliced in vinegar in the fridge too.  I don't like broccoli raw so much so that gets a teeny taste of some Feta Dill dressing when I do eat it.  I love those halo oranges--seedless, easily peeled.  Kiwis and apples are good too.  I got a mango at the store and think I need a lesson on cubing those or what to look for when you buy them as it was a mushy mess!  They had advertised cantaloupes for a good price but there were none available today.  I still want one though.  They had berries but still a little high, I thought.

I also nuked a couple ears of sweet corn, snapped and steamed some green beans and made a bowl of guacamole.  Avocados are good for you but those tortilla chips not so much, LOL.  I like it on wraps though.  I'll try to behave.   Fish tacos would have been good!  Too bad I didn't think of that sooner.  There is a good recipe for those on Taste of Home Fish Tacos with Avocado Sauce though I left out the hot stuff.  DJ even liked them.

 The critters are staying to stay cool though Skyler has since moved to the front door.  There is a good bit of cloud cover and we won't see much sun till it gets below the tree line.  I think he is waiting for the neighborhood cat to come strolling by.

Oscar is up and down, in and out.  I could do without doggie backside on my arm and leg but yes, I love you too.

The view as I came back up the hall.  What sillies!  Four eyes checking out my every move, LOL.

On the quilting front, or rather "thinking about quilting" front yesterday:

  • I got a "wrap 'em" sized Treasure Amidst the Bric a Brac drawn up in EQ but eliminated a couple pieces I don't think need to be in the periphery of the quilt.
  • I spent entirely too much time going through my notebooks looking for something I have either loaned out or misplaced.  Donna Poster's Mega Pattern for Texas Trellis.   I wanted to compare that pattern with how Marti Michell does it in her Hexagon book. 
Still, looking through the notebooks locates other fun things that I have saved or patterns I have bought/downloaded/been gifted with by quilting friends.

  • I wanted to show Bev the Terry Atkinson clipping of a yo-yo quilt since she is making them.  
  • I found two cool star blocks that might go in my Farmer's Wife Inspired Sampler once resized or would make a good donation quilt idea.   I'll show those down the line as one has more than one name, this one for the fabric. I think. 
  •  There is a printout for a cool intertwining squares and rectangles called "Movement in Squares".  That one is free if you want it.   
  • There is a screen shot I printed out of my Kindle copy of Camille Roskelley's Simply Retro for her "Framed" pattern which uses layer cakes.  I have one that I got with Christmas money several years ago searching for the right pattern.  Maybe this would work?  
  • I like one called "Sweet Life" too but that takes fat quarters.   
  • The Big EZ pattern from Bloom Creek.  
  • A section of Braid my mom sent me  using a technique in Fons and Porter Scrap Quilt Magazine, fall 2011 that uses half hexies.  Great!  I've got one of those which is why I was looking for that Texas Trellis.  
  • Stitchery stuff that Maggie sent me recently, etc etc.   
It's all in its own notebook now---inspirations file.  I had planned on searching for and cutting any dark blue and white on white bits hiding in the sewing room today but so far that hasn't happened.  Laundry, errands, kitchen details have taken precedence.  Maybe tomorrow.  Maybe later tonight.  There is the timer for the dryer.

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  1. your cooking binges always make me hungry. I have never tried fish tacos, on the to do list. I need to get out and walk too, no gumption to do so, good for you! do we get to see your latest hair cut?

  2. I agree; are we going to see the new hair cut? At least Oscar and Skyler are now in the same room and not ready to pounce on each other,things are definitely improving and who knows they may even start sleeping beside each other....no forget that I temporarily lost my mind on that one.

  3. You do keep yourself busy. Love the idea of a veggie tray. There are always so much to do during a day. Why is it that when you walk into a room, all eyes from the pet department watch you They can be sound asleep and still know you are there. Amazing. Have a great day.

  4. Your diet plan for snacks is inspiring! Thank you for sharing your inspiration list with the links....oh, more possibilities! Time to clean the sewing room so I can stop thinking about quilting and actually quilt! Thank you as always for sharing.


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