Jun 25, 2015

Ready to sew?

 Well, I did it.  I thought about it since the idea came to me last evening as I posted.  I had often said that if it was just me, I wouldn't need a living room.  I just need a big enough space to sew and store my sewing stuff.  I'm not quite ready to ditch the couch or loveseat for one comfortable chair, LOL.

But I could move my portable sewing table up into the living room.  Doesn't look good but who cares?  Maybe, just maybe, I can get a pillowcase or two done by next week and get started on the D4P with my friends.

I vacuumed first as you know there will be strings on the carpet.  Oscar barks at it and is in protector mode when it is running, lunging at it.  Skyler knows it is a kitty eating machine and leaves the room.

Skyler was immediately crawling up on the chair and now he is seated under the table.  Uh, I CAN see you under there, you know!   Since I'm at the kitchen table, Oscar is in his bed rather than hanging on the couch with his toys.  These two!

I pulled one of the bins from the closet last night that has some of the five yard bundle kit fabric I got at Mtn. Quiltfest last year.  Some I had used on Lily's Chevron quilt.  (need to get that back prepped and quilted as she is coming up on her first birthday before long!)  Anyway, I am pretty sure I can come up with a pillowcase or two from there.  Just need to head in to cut.

Oh, I couldn't get to sleep again last night and about 1245 I bailed. Once more, I started going through my notebooks looking for my copy of Donna Poster's Texas Trellis to go with my other hexagon-half hexie book.  I laid hands on it, in a notebook that I did NOT go through before apparently as I was just sure it only contained one particular pattern collection.  Woohoo!  I had even tried to re-order it a month ago but so far she has neither sent it or got the money from paypal.  I can cancel the order.

That led to a little minor reorganization though. With the sewing table out of the way I could get at the sleeves behind it a bit better.   I have/had one 3 inch binder that rings would not close tightly enough and it was difficult to turn the sleeves and things were attached by the top and middle rings but not the bottom one.  After struggling with it yet again last night, I decided to pick up a replacement at Dollar General before I came home from walking.  They didn't have 3 inch ones so I got 2- 2 inch ones  I loaded one of them up really full as I emptied out two smaller ones into it.  I still needed some shelf space.  I emptied out two open fabric storage containers that were a bit of a space hog.  It crammed into two 20 qt. snap lid containers that I like and had picked up last week.  I'd need them eventually as I organize by project, no doubt.  Mission accomplished.  The things that side track me!

I've got some ground beef thawed out that needs to be cooked up so I'm off to fix a little lunch.  Stay cool!

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  1. I'm with you, if your not using the room for it's original purpose then take it over and use it as a sewing room. I've been wanting to do this as well and my husband says go ahead but we have his department Xmas party every year and I can't figure out what we would do at Xmas. We've had someone else host it two years ago and hardly anyone went, it wasn't the same apparently. Two weeks ago I put one of my sewing tables and machine in the living room in the front window and I love sewing there so who knows what I'll move up there next.


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