Jun 10, 2015

Meeting day

Another 2nd Tuesday rolled around and that means it is time for Bama Belles to meet.   Shawnee dropped by and introduced us to a friend named Linda from the next county north of us.  However, she had to take off as they were doing Vacation Bible School at the church catty corner to where we meet.  Off to tie dye t-shirts she said.  Linda has been making some gorgeous crazy patch stockings for her family members and working on one for her new son-in-law.   It was good to have her come visit with us for the day!

Lois and Aline each had a quilt to pin so the pinning table was hopping with Jane's help.  Bev and Beverly were each doing hand work.  I finally got that little Merry-Go-Round Hexie table topper cut out since cutting was NOT happening at home!

Lois had several quilts ready to turn in.  Some we know the names, some we don't---as usual.  She stumps me!  What can I say?

This one I DO know as a disappearing something or other from Missouri Star Quilt Company.  I had to look to verify which one as there are several on their you tube tutorial pages.  Disappearing Hourglass #1 as I see there is now a 2nd variation.  I think that this is probably my favorite version of the Disappearing blocks.  Well, other than Disappearing 4 patch.  I will do this one some day.

Next, a Twin Sisters from Eleanor Burns' Quilts Through the Seasons.   You get two blocks with reversed color ways with this method so I always thought it might be a fun matching game for a child to do with their quilt.

She got me with this one and maybe she will come up with the real name.  I think it sort of looks like 4 T's. Though the green does chain through the block, normally you don't see an hour glass type deal in the center.

Lois thought this might be a Jacob's Ladder variation possibly something from Bonnie Hunter.   I know she has done others that she spotted in her column Addicted to Scraps in "Quiltmaker" magazine. Could be!

This one is called "Rolling Fields" designed by Legacy Patterns.  I know that this is one that Bev, Teresa and Lois teamed up to do at the last sewing day.  I see bits of stuff in there from my 2 1/2 inch strip stash.  We were pooling our resources so not surprising.

This one is "Fiddlesticks" from Teacher's Pet, one of her fat quarter quickie patterns.  Lois did one up in pretty blues.

This bright and fun quilt is one that Aline made.    The quilting stitch adds some texture to the blocks too. I hope that shows up in the picture.

We went to Cracker Barrel for lunch.  I got back home a little after one, I think.   Oscar probably thought "not a minute too soon."  I gave him a choice of inside (meaning IN his crate) or outside (meaning in the fenced back yard).  He would not budge out of his bed so I thought he decided "in".  I hate keeping him confined like that but he cannot be roaming around the house if I am not home.  The gates won't stop him if he knocks it over.

I had to laugh at him yesterday afternoon.  I had gone outside and inadverently locked myself out.  No big deal as DJ had put an action plan in place should this happen.  I was outside and Oscar knew it but was not coming back in as soon as he thought I should.  When I finally opened the door, out he comes, flopping down on the carport for tummy rubs.  Then he runs over to the car thinking we are going for a ride.  Flops again.  All the while I am "Oscar Lee, get back here" and having visions that he is going to continue to run down the drive and the lane without his leash.  I walk, I do NOT run!  Third flop and roll was his undoing as I caught him and could pick him to carry him back in the house.

Speaking of walking.  it might be paying off a bit.  The girls, independently of each other, kept telling me "you have really lost some weight".  They just saw me two weeks ago, some of them.  The scale isn't barely moving at this point, gain and lose the same two lbs. repeatedly but maybe it is toning up a bit??  I've been gradually losing since Feb. 2014 too.  I've been alternating 6 laps (1.68 miles) one day, 7 (1.96 miles) the next and still going 6 days out of 7.   Oscar walks add another mile to the day's totals.   He is starting to whine at the door so I best get my walking shoes on and take him for a spin.

Till next time-------


  1. love your quilt , i made a queen sized for our bed

  2. all the quilts are inspiring! good for you to keep up your walking- I wish I could do as well!

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