Jun 22, 2015

Birmingham Quiltfest 2015, part 4

Yep, still have some more pictures!

The miniatures were right when you entered.

I know nothing though I seem to recall that there was a tie-in with Jinny Beyer.  It was well received as it got a blue ribbon in its category.  Maybe in the wall quilt pieced category??

This might have been the one that was a Block of the Month that took 10 years.  Cute Holiday quilt. No idea about the designer or pattern name though it has a folk art flavor of Joined at the Hip, Country Threads and such.

Very pretty Feathered Star awarded a third place ribbon maybe in Miniatures.  It doesn't match up on the 2015 Winners list, I don't think.

I've seen this one on a quilting catalog but so much better done up here.   Couldn't get up close enough to get the name card.  Might be Slumber Party by Susan Ramey Cleveland.

This might be a Buggy Barn pattern maybe??   I think it might be "Which Came First?" by Susan Ramey Cleveland and was part of their crayon challenge.

The center of this reminds me of a free pattern on piece by number for Circle of Geese but the maker took this several steps further.  Neat quilt.

And I guess that's it for now.  Oscar is whining and I think wants to go walk, not go to the backyard.  I've tried that and he appears to be going to the front.  Of course, it is hotter than blue blazes but tomorrow and Wednesday are supposed to be worse.  I've not been sweating for an hour or more so I guess I better go with him.  Anything but listen to the whimpering, right?


  1. wow so many posts and so many pictures! there's nothing like a quilt show to get you inspired, thanks !

  2. Thank you for the quilt show! What fantastic eye candy!


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