Apr 8, 2011

a start

4 patches are all sewn using the Billie Lauder "two at once" technique. I finished doing the four patch swirl thing with the center seams this morning and then sewed and joined enough blocks to establish the diagonal chaining effect. I am going with a 5 x 7 8 inch block set so looks like 25 more blocks and 5 more rows to go. But I am setting it aside again to sew on the FAB giftie, probably tomorrow.

The fabrics I needed for two projects arrived just before lunch. I did the last bit of cutting for the giftie and then cut the replacement muslin for the Bird Brain block I need to re-do. All marked and ready to roll when I feel more inclined than I do at present.

I am very low energy today mostly because the sinus headache I have had for like 4 days now is still hanging around. As much as I love spring, I could do without the congestion, sneezing and headache deal. My eyes feel like two burn holes in a blanket and I just want to give in and go lay down. It is a little muggy and the barometric pressure is doing weird things which is not helping the aching head. UGH!

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  1. The "two at once" technique you mention sounds interesting - I would like to know more.
    The 'chain' is very pronounced and really looks great. Nifty colors, too.
    I am envious of your pressing space! How nice to have that much room.


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