Apr 2, 2011

officially finished

Spring--- officially finished. Pattern source: Nancy Halvorsen In Season

I even stitched in the word "welcome" this time though it is a little subtle. Thing was, I had stitched down the sleeve thinking I was NOT going to do that part. Oops! Un-sew and then re-sew that part. I am still not entirely sure how she means for you to transfer the lettering when you put the fabric on a light box? Dressmaker carbon?? I wrote it on a band of freezer paper and then tried to copy it directly above or below but I think I just got lucky that it lined up. Any ideas of what to try next time out?

Skyler, up on the plant stand. He gets a good peek at the birds outside thru the little window when the front door is closed. I should also state that there used to be a plant on there but some little furry fellow kept trying to chew on it and got himself in trouble a good bit. Goodbye, plant!

We finally have a nice sunny day after a week of clouds, rain, cold and damp. I was able to give the grill a test run for our noon meal---grilled pork tenderloin. YUM! DJ and I decided that we deserved to enjoy every bite after all the trouble we had with putting the thing together, LOL.

Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend----------think I will do a little more embroidery even though it is NOT on my "list".

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