Apr 20, 2011

WIP Weds

Another day with waves of thunderstorms rolling in. I have powered down the computer twice already and elected NOT to even get started on the sewing machine for the same reason.

How about marking the next set of embroidery blocks instead? The basket blocks are somewhat monthly or seasonal themed by Cyndi Hoeller of Bee Tree Designs. Norma and I located the design printouts HERE on Flickr but she is currently showing some wonderful child friendly designs on her blog called "Pennies for Rylee".

Since we have done some embroidery in red (Alex Anderson's 12 Days of Christmas hearts and flowers) and blue (calendar snowmen) I said "how about green for something a little different?" It is Norma's fav color, after all. A friend of mine had done the blocks in Nancy Martin's Kitties to Stitch and Quilt in green. It turned out wonderfully. I own the book and they show one set of the blocks done up with a triple rail and nine patch sashing, cornerstones in 30 repro fabrics for a framed square version. Anyway, I shared a picture of the finished quilt with her and she's" in." I was still not sure about that decision but the more of these blocks that I mark with the green pigma pen, the more I like the shading!

I am due for a doctor's appointment in about a week. Last time I saw the doctor he commented about my embroidering at the visit "you were doing that LAST time you were here" Uh, yeah! It is my carry around project, after all. It helps me wait more patiently as I just can't sit and read ancient magazines. I want to see if he notices that I changed colors, LOL as well as subject matter. Santas to baskets, red to green. One color projects are easier to transport and we will be logging some car time when we go back to IL for the grandson's high school graduation.

Hopefully the weather will clear up tomorrow and I can get to sewing on the giftie. The deadline got pushed back a bit but I may come close to getting it to the Bday FAB fairly close to her special date. My goal, anyway.

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  1. you and Norma are inspiring with all the handwork! I mailed my giftie to the Birthday FAB today! :)


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