Apr 25, 2011

finished to flimsy

I just finished taking the last stitches on the borders of the FAB bday giftie---woohoo! Finished to flimsy.

Nope, can't show it till we have the reveal. For a variety of reasons, another birthday has been pushed back a month when hopefully everything has calmed down and we can all be in one spot, one weekend in early June. Still, I want to get this moved on to the recipient sooner than later as I have other things on the horizon.

I'll pull some backing in a bit but it is doubtful that I will spray baste it and start quilting it this evening. I want to do a little maintenance on the machine before I swap out for the one I use to quilt. Truth be told, the Brother is way past due for a service call but it will not happen this week. Or next.

Tomorrow my quilt group is having an all day sew-in. We used to do it for two full days and kind of got out the habit in recent years. We can work on whatever we want to but I plan on spray basting the giftie first and then focusing on a donation top and/or blocks. Most likely that will be the top I had started with the triple rail blocks but I have some bowtie block materials in the car as well. I already made my "dish to pass" this morning. Next thing I know it will be time to make supper. This day is going quickly!

So to keep this from being a pictureless post a view of some of the flowering stuff around here. Both are invasive plants/shrubs and quite fragrant. Above, you see the honeysuckle that is taking over the needle point holly at the end of our lane. To the right, Chinese privet is pictured. Everywhere you drive, you see one or both of these growing, flowering and stuffing up the nose, LOL.

We are due for some stormy weather by mid week again. Not surprising considering what I know has been brewing up in the Midwest. The St. Louis area was badly hit over the weekend. DJ and I are Cardinal fans and the team was playing host to the Reds this weekend and they got all the games in. (And even better, the Cards won 2 out of 3!)

I hope you all had a good Easter weekend. DJ and I elected not to go the traditional Easter meal with ham and all the go-with's. I wanted scalloped potatoes but not enough to have the oven on for 90 minutes when it was up to 81 inside my house before we turned on the a/c. We went with steaks on the grill which was a real treat for us. Since I am NOT planning anything special for his birthday meal later in the week (he wants to go Cici's for pizza lunch) I told him that steak meal could go for both his birthday AND Easter. Since it took us 3 days to get that grill put together, I am going to use it!

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  1. The chinese privit smells SOO good but boy does it do a number on my alergies! Im in east texas and both are blooming like crazy right now.

  2. Have a great day at the sew-in! I hope the temps are a little cooler for quilting in the hall you meet in. BBQ steak sounds like a great celebration meal--I know my hubby would think so!


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